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  • Lone Joshua Tree

    Outside the old Tonopah Airfield, Nevada, USA. I think this one may have been planted as an ornamental back when the base was operating in WW II, because it's a bit outside its range. Joshua trees are supposed to have gotten their name from Mormon emigr…
    By slgwv

  • Lisbon Water Museum

    The Lisbon Water Museum has several poles showing the water distribution in Lisbon in the XVIII century. This is the "Mãe de Água", the Mother of the Water, and it´s the largest of the water reservoirs. It was build between 1745 and 1834. It´s an HDR wit…

  • British museum at sunset

  • Vuil - Malpura - Schmutzig

    [nl] Kan iets dat vuil is ook mooi zijn? [de] Kann etwas schmutziges auch schön sein? [eo] Ĉu io malpura povas esti bela?
    By Paŭl

  • Lueur d'espoir.....

    Une pensée pour Valé et Nini......... Je m'absente quelques jours , et tout de suite c'est le "Bordel"!!! A voir sur fond noir bien sur.

  • Burning Man 2009 004

    By Zitro

  • crocus

    By r@du

  • Train

  • Mammillaria ( unbekannt) PiP

    von den Warzenkakteen gibt es ca. 150 Arten