• (Repost) Season's ending

    Another light HDR On Explore What's Hot--> thank you very much! My first shot on the new Front Page: thanks again!

  • Rotonda (light HDR)

    My first shot on what's hot: thank you!!!

  • Edo (aware)

    Best viewed in original size (the other dimensions lose the grain)

  • Shine on

    What happens when you use bracketing on a car running @ 100kmh?

  • (Repost) I haven't got a lake

    Following Jean-Michel hint, I used QtPfsGUI to tone-map a single shot instead of a three bracketed shots HDR. I like the effect very much. Let me know your opinions. Qtpfsgui 1.8.12 tonemapping parameters: Operator: Mantiuk Parameters: Contrast Equalizat…

  • (Repost) Gulliver on stage

    Original description: Dedicated to my old friends of A.C.U. Gulliver, my Cultural Association at the University; yesterday it was the 20th Anniversary and we met all together to remember the old times; during the celebrations there was a show of our Gulli…

  • Sunset (over Trento)

    3 bracketed (+2, 0, -2 EV), composed using Photomatix under Wine and converted from 16 bit TIFF to 8 bit JPG using CinePaint

  • Sunset (on the beach)

  • (Repost) Beauty and the... beach

    My most successfull picture ever

  • Test drive

  • (Repost) I feel like a Flemish painter

    Seen on Front Page and on What's Hot: thank you very much to all of you! Three shots: ISO 400 F/10 1/400 s, 1/1000 s, 1/160s 55mm Tone mapped and Orton-ized

  • Cieux ruissellants

    Best seen large Expressly prepared for this duel on the Duel group

  • (Repost) Fall

    In these recent days, I fell in love with underexposure: it seems to me that it captures very well the nature and mood of Autumn. This is a first try to represent it.

  • I can do it myself too: homage to Massimo Tomasello

    I asked Massimo's working collegue to do it for me one portrait like this: but I got lost in the iperspace... Please: join us in the MASSIMISE YOURSELF group and let's have fun together with new selfportrait series

  • (Repost) Titano

    I've read this interesting article by Erwan and I'm playing with LAB mode on TheGIMP.

  • (Repost) Autumn Poem 3204

    After a lot of attempts to post-process, I decided to post it as it was registered by the sensor. Have a nice week, my friends.

  • Autumn poem 3861 windy

    Wind come and wind goes through our lives suddenly shows Sometimes it hurts, sometimes we fly. Take care of me, wind, and take me fly high.

  • (Repost) Autumn poem 3796 Querciabella

    Wandering around, in a hazy morning...

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