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  • Ten years later... P1160320 (2)

  • 20 years before

  • Psychedelic springtime DSC7313

  • DSC6951

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  • Rio P1150534

  • Rio P1150483-2

    O Cristo Redentor

  • Flying away

    Another year is flying away, full of images, still in my hdd

  • Nusa Dua Beach Panorama

  • (Repost) Autumn poem 3796 Querciabella

    Wandering around, in a hazy morning...

  • (Repost) Autumn poem 3535

    When lights go down, when sounds fade, when a cold feeling rise on your spine, when life is problematic and problems seem the nature of life, only your inner light keeps you alive: namaste, my friends; have a good night ;-)

  • (Repost) Autumn poem 3364: at night

    Have a warm Christmas season, my friends

  • (Repost) Autumn poem 3201

    Because the nature is a perpetual poem, with her everchanging colors and moods. Sometimes we are too busy to understand. Sometimes we are too lazy to see. Sometimes we are too in a hurry to pause and gaze at it. So take you camera, go outside, breath and…

  • (Repost) Titano

    I've read this interesting article by Erwan and I'm playing with LAB mode on TheGIMP.

  • (Repost) Fall

    In these recent days, I fell in love with underexposure: it seems to me that it captures very well the nature and mood of Autumn. This is a first try to represent it.

  • (Repost) Beauty and the... beach

    My most successfull picture ever

  • (Repost) Autumn Poem 3204

    After a lot of attempts to post-process, I decided to post it as it was registered by the sensor. Have a nice week, my friends.

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