Rein Nomm's photos

  • In High Gear

    microscopic abstract painting on a slide

  • Hold On

    microscopic abstract painting on a slide

  • Bring Down the Curtain

    microscopic abstract painting on a slide

  • After the Fall

    microscopic abstract painting on a slide

  • One-eyed Abstract

    mixed media painting

  • An Inner Beauty

    micrograph of a Linden flower bud that has been split and crushed.

  • Well In Hand

    digital painting of the hand that feeds me.

  • Going Over the Edge

  • Resurfacing

    micrograph of Himalayan salt purported to be part of an ancient sea floor now resting in the Himalayan mountains.

  • The Flower's Garden

    micrograph of the crushed pistol head of an Azalea blossom.

  • Sun Spots

    micrograph of a fresh Marigold petal

  • Merry Gold

    micrograph of a Marigold flower petal

  • Parting of the Ways

    micrograph of a Begonia flower petal with xylem and phloem

  • Just Below the Surface

    micrograph of an Azalea petal with a demonic face

  • A Dark Visage

    micrograph of a face-like fungal growth on a Forsythia petal

  • Looking Back

    micrograph of bacteria colonies growing around air bubbles in agar

  • The Rain of Tears

    digital painting inspired by the cells of an onion

  • Ready to Burst

    micrograph of a lysed strawberry cell from a DNA extraction with visible chromosomes at 1000x

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