Rein Nomm's photos

  • The Rain of Tears

    digital painting inspired by the cells of an onion

  • Ready to Burst

    micrograph of a lysed strawberry cell from a DNA extraction with visible chromosomes at 1000x

  • The Spoiler

    Micrograph of the hyphae of Colletotrichum acutatum fungus which causes strawberries to spoil

  • Hey! What Are You Looking At?

    micrograph of some angry looking rice stem cells

  • Uprooted

    micrograph of a stained pencillium fungus that resembles figures fleeing

  • Bar Harbor Sunrise

  • The Passing Storm

  • Run Rabbit Run

    color enhanced micrograph of a rabbit's Achilles tendon

  • Keeping Out the Darkness

  • Honey I'm Home

    micrograph of a honey pouch on the leg of a bee

  • Growing Darkness

    micrograph of a bacteria colony growing on agar

  • Icing on the Cake

    micrograph of a rugose bacteria colony

  • Microbial Portrait

    micrograph of a bacteria colony

  • Steel Plated Microbes

    edited micrograph of bacterial colonies

  • Bacteria With a Heart

    micrograph of a bacterial colony with enhance color

  • Invasion

    micrograph of black mold overgrowing bacterial colonies. Both the mold and bacteria came from the filter of a room humidifier.

  • In Grown

  • Bar Harbor Sunrise

    Sunrise over the flower gardens at the Balance Rock Inn in Bar Harbor, Maine.

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