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Dustoff - Jim Sommers

“Dustoff” was the radio call sign given to the medical evacuation helicopters
during the Vietnam War. This song is dedicated to all the men
and women that were touched by that war.

Somewhere north of the Mekong Delta
I know there’s a Dustoff looking for my buddies and me
Charlie caught us walking on a jungle trail last night
Killed our point man – I’m so scared that I can hardly breathe
Squad leader’s screaming to return their fire
Never knew what hit him, guess he found his final peace
Prayin’ that the radio man will get a Medevac in time
Gonna be a close one, this much I can clearly see
I know that the Dustoff won’t give up until they find us
Lying on the jungle floor in the blood and the sweat and the fear
I can hear it thumping in the distance, could be my imagination
Or is it my heartbeat pounding my epitaph in my ears
Dear John letter in my rucksack’s tearing at my heart
Squeezing off the rounds ‘til my rifle barrel turns white hot
Incoming got my ears ringing and my mouth has gone dry
I can’t go on living but I’m just too scared to die
My buddy’s screaming for the medic but his cries are in vain
Crawlin’ towards him with the morphine gonna help ease his pain
Now I feel a bullet tear through me deep down in my chest
My flack jacket’s turned red; God, I tried to do my best