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  • Lake Sonoma

    Was hoping to go to the mountains and go fishing over the weekend, but couldn't go... so yesterday I went to Lake Sonoma near where I live instead. It was >95°F ( 35°C ) and there was no shade on the shoreline, but I had the idea of climbing down into th…

  • Veronda-Falletti Oak

    At the Veronda-Falletti Ranch in Cotati, California. Paper negative in a coffee can pinhole camera.

  • Near Rock Point

    I have a film camera ( Nikon 2020 ) with markings on a zoom lens that help me visualize what might be on a 7x11" large format image... today I tried to do it with my digital camera. Thinking of going here this weekend to make a calotype...

  • Salted Paper Test Prints

    Printed 29 and 30 June, 2018 Quick digi-snaps of some test prints. The top is a plain salt print and the bottom is similar but toned with gold thiocyanate. For whatever reason, this old pinhole paper negative has become my "test" negative... I've proba…

  • Santa Rosa Creek

    WPPD 2018 coffee can pinhole camera, paper negative

  • pinhole lake

    WPPD 2018

  • Driving

    WPPD 2018

  • Happy Cows

    WPPD 2018

  • Ragle Oaks

    Oaks at Ragle Ranch Park in Sonoma County, California. Printed 3 February 2018 Salted paper print of a calotype. 7x11 inch image on 9x13 Strathmore 500 drawing paper. Toned in gold borax and platinum. Sorry I can't get the color right... it's subtle an…

  • Marshall Gulch

    Salted paper print of a calotype. Printed 28 January 2018 7x11 inch image on 9x13 Strathmore 500 drawing paper, plate finish Started exposure facing East away from the sun with a paper diffuser, my daughter and I went to the beach and when we got home t…

  • Crazy Reflections

    Walking through the woods yesterday, crisscrossed twigs in the puddle made a patchwork of reflections. Near Steelhead Beach on the Russian River in Sonoma County, California. Instant film Fuji FP-100C, I cropped out the bottom where the shadow from the…

  • Through the windshield

    Looking out over the dirty rain-splattered hood of my car, windy day at the coast yesterday... there were whales jumping out of the water and splashing out there :) Pinhole paper positive, trying out an idea.... if you re-expose and re-develop these, the…

  • Redwood rhythms

    Redwoods at Riverfront Regional Park in Sonoma County, California pinhole paper positive, 1 hour. Redeveloped in thriourea. There was a bald eagle perched in a tree about a 1 minute walk from here.

  • Burbank memory

    The "plant wizard" Luther Burbank had experiment plots at this location which is now in the middle of the city of Santa Rosa. His widow sold the land to Santa Rosa Jr. College in 1930, and it was maintained as a park for about 20 years. It is now the sit…

  • Back of the Yarn Store

    Behind a handcrafted yarn store... This was painted flat barn red and is not overexposed after 6 minutes! ( Normal exposure would be around 40 or 45 seconds in full sunlight like this ) I tried this a week ago with a 1 minute exposure and the result wa…

  • Korean Baptist Church

    In Cotati, California. Here in Northern California we don't have as many palm trees as in the Southern part of the state. Another pinhole paper positive made by bleaching the negative with hydrogen peroxide and then redeveloping with thiourea.

  • Taylor Mountain Trail

    Today at Taylor Mountain Regional Park in Sonoma County, California.. my little coffee can pinhole camera was sitting in the middle of the trail and my dog was lying there waiting patiently when another group came along with a dog so I picked it up after…

  • curva del río

    Russian River a little North of Cloverdale, near a bend in the river. Another direct paper positive. 7x11" curved plane pinhole camera made from foamcore. Redeveloped in thiocarbamide.

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