Ned's photos

  • blue ginkgo

    printed 8 December 2018 ~3h in sun

  • ginkgo biloba

    sepiaprint photogram printed 7 December 2018

  • sepia and cyano leaf

    sepiaprint leaf printed 6 Dec 2018 cyano positive made from sepia negative printed 7 Dec 2018 Both are 9x11 inches on canson marker paper.

  • Sepia leaf 2

    Another sepiaprint. Printed 2 December 2018 This leaf came from the same tree as the last one. Some have lobes and some do not.

  • Furlong Gulch

    Sonoma Coast, California Possible future location for a calotype. Another nice day for hiking at the coast.

  • Salmon Creek

    Nice light on the way home from a hike at the coast

  • Kortum Trail

    Sonoma Coast, California I placed a solargraphy can here

  • Sepia Leaf

    Sepia photogram Printed 1 December 2018

  • Rocoto Naranja

    orange manzano pepper plant printed 25 November 2018

  • Bodega Head

    Sonoma Coast in California

  • Liquidambar

    Having fun making cyanotypes... printed 24 November 2018

  • Maple

    Positive cyanotype from sepiaprint negative... printed 24 November 2018

  • Sepia Maple

    Namias' sepiaprint of a maple leaf... Printed 22 November 2018

  • sycamore

    First time cyanotype... this is what it looks like after printing, haven't washed it yet. I wet the leaf with water before printing, got the idea from H Lisa Solon. Print is about 9x11 inches.

  • Lake Sonoma

    Was hoping to go to the mountains and go fishing over the weekend, but couldn't go... so yesterday I went to Lake Sonoma near where I live instead. It was >95°F ( 35°C ) and there was no shade on the shoreline, but I had the idea of climbing down into th…

  • Veronda-Falletti Oak

    At the Veronda-Falletti Ranch in Cotati, California. Paper negative in a coffee can pinhole camera.

  • Near Rock Point

    I have a film camera ( Nikon 2020 ) with markings on a zoom lens that help me visualize what might be on a 7x11" large format image... today I tried to do it with my digital camera. Thinking of going here this weekend to make a calotype...

  • Salted Paper Test Prints

    Printed 29 and 30 June, 2018 Quick digi-snaps of some test prints. The top is a plain salt print and the bottom is similar but toned with gold thiocyanate. For whatever reason, this old pinhole paper negative has become my "test" negative... I've proba…

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