Graham Hughes

Graham Hughes

Posted on 10/13/2015

Photo taken on October 13, 2015

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Andrea Plays Model

Andrea Plays Model
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Silver gelatin paper negative. process. Watson & Sons LF Camera pre 1908. Dallmeyer 6 x 5 Rapid Rectilinear lens with waterhouse stop. 9 second exposure. Taken inside Gallery259 as a focal length test for portrait work. Far from a great shot...but I can see how close I can get...just have to sort lighting and exposure now.

This is a bit of a rescue mission on a less than good image....

A bit of background........
One of the things I have wanted to do at Gallery259 is to set up a portrait space. That illusive quest to find out how to actually make some money from what you love doing....and what will push buttons that will release even a little cash to help things tick over, or at the very least cover costs.

One idea I have been working on way way too slowly is that people come in and get an old school portrait, street styles, or old timey studio styles...........maybe even a tintype kinda gig.

I have done tests with 35mm paper negs contact printed and force dried with a hair drier.......and can do a turnaround in 12-15 mins.

People can go next door to have a coffee and I can deliver the finished product mounted in some kind of card........

So above is a test with a 6 x 5 Dallmeyer lens on a camera I was loaned. It will work fine.....I just need to sort lighting, model support for length of exposure, and a back drop...........this helped me know how far I can be from the person........and Andrea helped.....I need a huge teddy for practicing this and working it out........I have a huge pink panther, and that will be the answer. I wish I had a ready supply of people to test with......but I dont. The idea is a good one, and I am looking forward to having it up and running by December.

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Cedric Muscat
Cedric Muscat
Goodluck with the project Graham!
21 months ago.