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Message to my visitors and friends...

Message to my visitors and friends...
OK, firstly, this pic showing my other cat - noisy - when she was 20 weeks old. But that's not the point... I need to upload a pic cause I would inform you about what's going on here in the last days...

As I told you a few photos before (the one which was called favorites) my digitalcam get broken (the lens couldn't focussed an object, it would be allways unshape) and I had send my cam to the repair-service.

This day they gaved me an estimate for the repair - it would cost about 120 EUR. Cause my cam was just a 2.1MP-one (with a huge focal length, of course- it was a Casio QV 2800 UX) it wasn't - however - worthwhile to repair it again (even I was absolutly comfortable with it)- it was just to outdated.

So I have to buy a new one - but firstly I have inform me about the actual status-quo about the equipment which was uptodate in these days...
Actually I found three or four cams which could be the satisfaction of my needs - but now I have to reach a decision- but I am agonized... After that I have to find out the best price for it (and then sell it- and thats the heavy point in this story...). Cause I haven't actually the money to sell it (I need some specials which would force up the price - the focal-lenght, a few macros and something like that) it wasn't possible for me to buy it this mounth.

But since 2001 I had many, many pics taken with the casio so I would firstly bought me a flickr-pro- account so I could set up more sets and get more upload-space which I would need now....

So pleased get warned - in the next time I would upload MANY photos - mostly of them are soccer-related, a few would be about my hometown, my cats and other things so please don't get wondered that I upload some christmas-pictures, too- and some other kind of strange photos - exspecially for hot summerdays like now - they are all "historical" and need to upload someday- and now I have the time to do it - theres nothing I could do instead (oh- I could take some new photos, uuuuaaaah.... cry.... my cam... I just get to be moved to tears... my cam... ;-( Yeah, that would be the main thing I would do now... take new photos... hmpf. I saw every day things which be surelly look great on a photo - snapshots of animals, the nature or just playing kids - I miss my cam... and have wait many days before I get the new one. It's sounds crazy - but I think I am something like which you could calling withdrawal - withdrawal to take some photos...

Watch out for my "new" christmas-snapshots, lol...


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