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Gaza convoy, autumn 2010

The "Road to Hope" politically-independent humanitarian aid convoy to Gaza, October & November 2010, including the journey and the kidnapping incident where a group of 10 convoy members and 7 Libyan police / port officials were taken to sea against their will aboard the Strofades IV ferry, its car loading ramp open to the sea, and lifejackets denied to those kidnapped... This set does not include…  (read more)

Bits of Leptis I

22 Oct 2010 12

Classical tourist pursuits

22 Oct 2010 14


22 Oct 2010 10


Mini-dragon close-up

Short & tall

22 Oct 2010 8


22 Oct 2010 7

Abu Belal and a nephew

22 Oct 2010 6
Abu Belal had been unable to visit his family in Libya for over 20 years until the convoy.

Smoking kills

23 Oct 2010 8
(That's a packet of Marlboro, though it's sadly not very clear here. I should probably do that horribly clichéd thing where I retain the red colour in Photoshop. But that's just too horrid...)

Omar Muktar's gallows site

24 Oct 2010 9
This is at the semi-memorial site of an Italian prison where many Libyans were killed. Here is the gallows where the Lion of the Desert himself was apparently hanged.


24 Oct 2010 4
One kool kat. Samir was a fantastic translator and calm, kind member of the convoy.


26 Oct 2010 13
Something a bit Biblical about herds of goats in this kind of terrain.

Lit but closed

27 Oct 2010 8
The gates from Libya to Egypt...

Breaker breaker good buddy

Red, white, and green

Ambulance hangout


01 Nov 2010 10
Two of these beautiful little guys crashed into the windows of the hotel and were stunned for a while. We checked them over and carefully shielded them from predators and the curious until they were ready to fly away. It was a great photo op, but I'm not thrilled with my close-ups. Basically not close enough because I didn't want to stress the birds. Might upload one later.

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