The Princess Margaret

Hovercraft Museum

The Princess Margaret

12 May 2012 114
Taken from the cherry-picker.

Cockpit control panel and steering wheel

View from the cherry-picker

12 May 2012 147
I was incredibly nervous going up in this........until I realised that Trevor actually knew what he was doing! I even went up a second time!

Hovercraft.......skirt detail

Raynet Hovercraft

Hover Mini


Griffon Hovercraft

12 May 2012 676
As used by the Royal Marines.


Hovercraft Parking only

Static displays inside hovercraft load area


The Princess Margaret with The Princess Anne in th…

12 May 2012 145
Taken from the cherry-picker

The Princess Margaret

Inside the hovercraft.

12 May 2012 179
An absolutely huge load-space.

Hovercraft passenger area.

12 May 2012 113
Very comfy!

The Princess Margaret

Ice cream van hovercraft

12 May 2012 1 2 270
The remains of a failed attempt by the team from Top Gear to turn an ice cream van into a hovercraft!

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