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Williamsburg 12th Night

These are photos from the 12th Night of Christmas celebration Jan 7, 2012 and from the following day in Williamsburg, Va

12thnightwilliamsburg 001

07 Jan 2012 89
My new Blue and Lavender stays! They still need work but they fit!

12thnightwilliamsburg 003

07 Jan 2012 80
I apologize that a lot of the pictures will be blurry. The light was low given that it was all candlelight! This is the inside of the main room in the Market Square Tavern.

12thnightwilliamsburg 004

07 Jan 2012 79
One of the many candles in the Market Square Tavern.

12thnightwilliamsburg 006

07 Jan 2012 76
The entrance into the room cleared for dancing. It was quite smokey given that I don't think the flue was open when they first started the fire in the fireplace.

12thnightwilliamsburg 009

07 Jan 2012 73
Given the room cleared for dancing was filled with smoke, everyone gathered outside in the hallway.

12thnightwilliamsburg 011

07 Jan 2012 82
Out in the hallway, both doors to the outside were left open. Thank goodness it was a mild night! There was a ton of food placed out on tables in the hallway.

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12thnightwilliamsburg 021

07 Jan 2012 77
These cookies were delicious! They were a lemony shortbread, each stamped with reproduction stamps from the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries!

12thnightwilliamsburg 022

12thnightwilliamsburg 023

12thnightwilliamsburg 025

07 Jan 2012 76
Once the room was mostly cleared of smoke, people began to gather for dancing

12thnightwilliamsburg 026

07 Jan 2012 73
The angle is funny because I was attempting to take photos by keeping the camera on the table to steady it a bit.

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