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  • Where to go when this ship sinks?

    - 5 years ago - 1 comment
    Like everyone else, I've been investigating a ton of different websites. Go back to Flickr? No. Go to Google photos? Way too crazy of an interface and I don't like how Google shares information. 500px? Great if you like to post 1 photo and get a ton of likes - horrible if you like posting multiple photos at once to share with friends and family. I tried it and, although perhaps a nice place to share my better photos, it's not a place for what I really want. I want ipernity! I want…

  • Camera Help?

    - November 15, 2013 - 3 comments
    My lil point and shoot died a horrible death - in a graveyard- about a week ago. There is no fixing it and it is time, I think, I upgraded to the next level - a DSLR. I've been reading up on them and I'm learning a lot already. I really think it's the way I need to go despite it not being cheap. My big issue? I need a camera that does well in low light situations. My costume events are often "mood" lighted or may even be outside at night - relying only on the moon, stars, and whatever…

  • A question of trim

    - July 14, 2013
    I'm making yet another gown for an medieval/Renaissance event. This time, the gown is not for me but for a dear friend. This is the bodice to the gown shown with two different trims. I'm leaning towards the gold "lace" but I like the cream and gold scrollwork as well. I'm also playing with a third option - red velvet trim- which would look lovely agaisnt the green silk. Any opinions? The style is that of Florence, circa 1510/1520. So, early 16th Century Italian. :-) Also, the la…