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  • Spieka Neufeld am Abend

  • Matin d'hiver

  • Sâltpoel

  • Liebesperlenstrauch-Schönfrucht

    My flickr : KreativeNaturFotos My fotocommunity : KreativeNaturFotos my hq23 : KreativeNaturFotos(Els)

  • Wir haben etwas Schnee heute morgen-herrlich !

    My flickr : KreativeNaturFotos My fotocommunity : KreativeNaturFotos My hq23 : KreativeNaturFotos(Els)

  • Gehakkelde Aurelia

    Gehakkelde Aurelia

  • Goodbye Ipernity ??

    Goodbye Ipernity, hope to see 'you or something like you' back somewhere. My old and new pictures are now on: (hate Flickr, but there are a lot of friends/contacts there)…

  • Sluis te Ambt Delden

    Sluis te Ambt Delden

  • a glimpse of hope

    Read this:

  • Copy and Paste !

  • North sea Beach

    Part of the beach between Oostvoorne and Rockanje, the Netherlands.
    By Wilm

  • The Birdwatchers on HF-Friday :-)

  • AMTK 61025

    The California Zephyr making a brief stop in Reno, Nevada. Hasselblad XPAN, Fuji Velvia 50

  • C&S Narrow gauge boxcar 8323

    Capacity = 25 short tons (23 t). Originally, C.&S. Ry. boxcar. Purchased by U.S. Army in 1943.[79] Converted to flatcar by Chicago Freight Car Parts Co. in 1943 for use on the White Pass (USA #334117).[80] Sold to the White Pass in 1947 (#783). Sold to Ma…

  • Baker's tank

    View of the Baker's Tank, used by the Denver, South Park & Pacific Railroad from 1882 to 1937, on Boreas Pass, Summit County, Colorado, includes a dirt road that was once the railroad grade between Como and Breckenridge. Franka Rolfix II, Rodenstock tr…

  • Skiing Resort in summer

    Done it even with road tires... Two essential elements in this picture. My trusty Cagiva Canyon 500 which took us to incredible places, and my wife, whom must be made of a special material, since she sat there quietly. This is a skiing piste, not a parki…

  • Skiing Resort in summer

    Done it even with road tires... - standard disclaimer: © Giuseppe Lancia - usage without permission is not allowed

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