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  • Flower Girl(s)... (+ 2x PiP)

  • MSC Antigua

    Container ship MSC Antigua (Mediterranean Shipping Company) entering the port of Rotterdam. 299 x 48 mtr.
    By Wilm

  • Beurs-World Trade Center and Belfry close together: Rotterdam...

  • #18 Rotterdam Station Square through the Hole and in Reflection..!

    CWP (2017/04 CWP) “Through a hole” --> ???

  • Lines and Squares...

  • Narcissen in alle soorten

  • Face Off


  • Bracken in the mist

  • Stripy Straws

    Something colourful on a gloomy day.

  • Tina

    Magic Square # 5 (1977) is part of a group of six works that are articulated around the square. Based on the square, these spaces are offered to the viewer as large areas of permanence and conviviality, putting it in experiential contact with form, colo…

  • Windows 7

    Diamantina, Minas Gerais, Brazil.

  • 1932 Stutz

    Montgomery, Texas -- It is so perfect that it looks brand new.

  • A bon port

    Mia, port de Lesconil Finistère

  • Madeira Funchal May 2016 X100T Austin and Opel 2 mono

  • les cocos noirs

    l'ancienne cale de mise à l'eau du port de Dielette

  • Home

    Mandurah. From the Western foreshore. Summer Sunday morning. As close to paradise as an old reprobate like me will ever get. Big it up and put it on black. (Press Z.)

  • Guardians

    Press Z, please.

  • Look

    oneBrighton, Mandurah, WA

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