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  • Trust in dreams...........

    “Trust in dreams, for in them is hidden the gate to eternity.” *************************************** Happy BIRTHDAY C. happy weekend all. and today is my ipernity anniversary also:)

  • My wisteria:)

    WISH YOU A MARVELLOUS WEEK:) Happy blue Monday.

  • Bientôt les touristes

    Fond noir

  • #21 Window with a view.

    Back to Rome, wish you a most happy rest of the week ahead. **************************************** * Original seat of the Museo Nazionale Romano (National Roman Museum) since its institution in 1889, the Baths of Diocletian are the most imposing therma…

  • Ringlokschuppen

    Ringlokschuppen BEM Nördlingen Steam locomotives sit in the roundhouse at the BEM Nördlingen

  • styling

  • Schranke zu

  • Tenerife - Guia de Isora

  • Plouf !

    Fond noir

  • Waterfront, Woerden -- 2

    A sunnier day than for the previous picture. Today was a public holiday (the King's Birthday) and people were strolling around the day's street markets. Woerden, Utrecht, The Netherlands.

  • Wedding seats

    For an outdoor service at Capel Manor Gardens, Waltham Abbey, Herts. Fuji X-Pro1.

  • Tentacles

  • Una città in testa....

  • following_traces

    By Berny

  • Humanité

  • Valencia infrarroja

  • Mühle Stommeln

    VIEW ON BLACK, please. Pulheim-Stommeln, NRW
    By Ur@nos

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