The Bennett Farm

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  • Perfect Sky

    Still another pic from Sunday's visit to the Bennett farm. It was a great day.

  • Granary

    Another picture I took last Sunday. This structure is on the Bennett place, behind the house.

  • Birdhouse

    Bennett Farm, St. Johns, Michigan. Camera: Olympus Camedia C50

  • Nearing the End

    Joan's family calls this "the granary." It's wasting away. Compare with this photo, from a couple years ago....

  • Edna's Place and the Moon

    Joan's sister lives across the field from their parents.

  • Pliers

    On the exterior wall of Joan's parents' collapsing granary. We presume there's a story, but don't expect anyone actually knows it. So we spent several minutes last night making one up. It was on the wall two years ago. Since it looks like it's been th…

  • Barn Door

    Joan's dad's barn. Like the granary, it's wasting away. Paul's no longer interested in saving it.

  • Granary in Winter

    Another photo of Joan's parents' granary, from last Thanksgiving. And the pole barn, on the far side.

  • Freda

    Adopted cat, originally known as Kitty. Freda's pretty fuzzy, but this photo exaggerates it....

  • Massey Ferguson

    Joan's father's tractor's been reduced to snowplow duty. Thanksgiving, 2004. Camera: Nikon N90s

  • Bennett's for Christmas

    We spent the day with Joan's family.

  • Grain

    Another picture of the granary wall at Joan's dad's place....

  • Holiday Project

    We're building a patio for Joan's parents. Joan's laying the squares, but lots of folks have helped get things ready. I'm Joan's muscle....

  • Irregularity

    Our original plan was a checkerboard, but when we started to build the patio we discovered that the red squares were 1/4" smaller than the grey squares (we foolishly assumed that 12" meant 12"). Thus, stripes. Thanks, Lowes. That last row's gonna be pa…

  • Sandhills

    Kinda wish I'd taken the long lens.... Bennett farm, Saturday, while we were building the patio.

  • Finishing Touches

    The Patio's done. That's Joan wetting things down, with her niece Sarah and her mother Thelma leaning on the railing. Taken with my brand-new Treo 700p. It'll do in a pinch, but don't expect me to use it as a camera very often....

  • Tall Grass by the Barn

    Better LARGE!. Taken during a break in the Patio Project.

  • This is Freda

    One of Joan's parents' cats. Freda lives in the garden all summer, then moves into the house for the bad-weather season. Seen here curled up on the sidewalk we all built for Paul & Thelma in May. Originally an abandoned cat, she lived in the garden yea…

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