Hungshan Celestial Capital Peak and Welcoming Pine 1500 Years Old

Extraordinary Trees

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  • Hungshan Celestial Capital Peak and Welcoming Pine 1500 Years Old

    The beauty of this place on top of ancient staircase of thousands steps was probably a gift from heaven for the courageous visitors, mandarins even emperors; Their names have been engraved in the rock! There are 60.000 steps sculpted in the granite often…

  • SomeGiantsTreesWeSaw

    We saw such enormous trees in the world that we could not retain to laugh so it was strange; I show here very few of these natural wonders

  • P8043367ac Young Araucaria and Pink Hydrangeas

    France Bretagne Region (Brittany) Côtes -d'Armor Department Plougrescant area.

  • DSCN0170ac Malopanes Trees (Moringa ovalifolia)

    Malopanes trees are endemic species fo Namibia existing only there in the world!!! Africa Namibia Etosha National Park Ghost Trees Forest.

  • DSCN0257ac Desert Acacia at Sunrise

    A pure symbol of Africa!!! It just lacks the silhouette of a giraffe eating its leaves! Africa Namibia Namib-Naukluft National Park Sesriem area.

  • P7112154ac Possible Araucaria araucana (Monkey Despair)

    Never seen tree on roadside in France! Green fruit should be from a female tree; France Bretagne Region Côtes-d'Armor Department Plougrescant Village Gorse Coast Pors Scaff Ralevy Hamlet area.

  • P9102770bc September 2014 Equinox Full Moon

    It looks like a Chinese stamp! France Bretagne Region Côtes-d'Armor Department Plougrescant Village Camping du Gouffre.

  • IMG 6938ac Ghisoni Diapason Tree Framing Mt Renoso (2,352 m)

    This one does not give the conventional note "la3" at 44O Hertz but is "notable" for its shape! Between the two arms of this high fork pine is Mt Renoso; France Corsica Island haute Corse Department Inzecca Defile Ghisoni area.

  • PICT6332ac Supreme Elegance Between Pavilions and Travellers Trees

    Hor Samran Phirun pavilion on left ( for king to rest during elephant processions or for musicians) and Chanchhaya Pavilion or Moon Pavilion in the distance on right (pavilion used by the king for public speaches, audiences, festivities or dances); Cambo…

  • P3289589ac Lugubrious Atmosphere

    All the week has been dark and quite lugubrious with permanent cold rain on the seaside and strong winds or thick and dangerous fog in the heights beginning at less than 100 meters high!!! Because the strong winds moved rapidly the clouds we had the chanc…

  • 199506PUSAbc General Sherman Tree World Biggest Sequoia

    The General Sherman is a giant sequoia (Sequoiadendron giganteum) tree located in the Giant Forest of Sequoia National Park in Tulare County, California; By volume, it is the largest known living single stem tree on Earth; The General Sherman Tree is neit…

  • 123 2381ac Christmas Time in Senegal

    Sun is generous here even in December with 113°F (45°C) in Winter!!! We are in the same hemisphere at 5,5 hours plane from Paris! Senegal Sine Saloum Region Savannah.

  • DSCN0263a Lone Kokerboom Tree

    Namibia Namib-Naukluft NP road to the South and Lüderitz harbour and garage (460km with no more spare wheel, sure death if new flat tire!!!!).

  • 200506 Pierre USA California Redwood NP Giant Sequoia

    The tallest reaches 115,61 m (second floor of Eiffel tower) and is named Hyperion; With that high stature they attract lightening during storms and burn in their heart; The heat produced is necessary to make their thick seeds explode and assure the regene…

  • PICT2514ac 2 Elephant Foot Sequoia

    This elephant foot looking one seemed to be posed on the ground by a fairy and to have no roots; Many black spots on the trunk reveal that it has known fire but has resisted to death; A sweet velvet color dresses it; USA California Calaveras Big Trees Sta…

  • PICT2465ac They Can Reach More Than 115 Meters in Height

    USA California Calaveras Big Trees SP.

  • PICT2876ac Duncan Cedar Base Circumference Around 20m

    It is the biggest cedar, not a sequoia which can be bigger! USA Washington Olympic Peninsula inland near Beach 6 of Kalaloch area; I forgot to correct the time on my camera which has 8 hours more!.

  • PICT2875ac Very Appealing for Lightenings Height 54m

    I drove more than one hour (60 km) on gravelled roads in deep wilderness to find it and were close to be lost there! Duncan Cedar, inland near Beach 6 of Kalaloch area, is the world 's largest cedar (height 178 feet or 54 meters, diameter 19,4 feet near 6…

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