1976-2016 EmeraldExperience40 Years

Emerald Milestone 1976-2016: 40 Years World Travels with Pierre Detailed

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  • PFJC Visited World 201612

    TO SEE ENLARGED FOR DETAILS; Circuits and repetitive trips in same regions are not mentioned to clear the map;

  • 1976-2016 EmeraldExperience40 Years

    13/07/1976 13/07/2016 TO SEE ENLARGED FOR TEXT DETAIL Each box containing text represents the trips of our 40 years of common life; Each trip begins by a number that represents the month of starting each one; 4 portraits represe…

  • 197305 Tunisia1 South Trip Map

    We used bikes in Djerba and rented cars in the continental desert.

  • 197305 Tunisia1 South and Djerba

    My First Overseas Trip in 1973; Such unbelievable changes just after 3 hours flight! Landscapes, climate, people, religions, cuisine, trees, animals, everything was different execpt perhaps the French language generally spoken at the time for this ancient…

  • 197312-197401 Senegal1 plus Casamance

    First trip in Senegal on four; We find there hot temperatures in Winter at only 5 hours flight from Paris! During this trip we took a little airplane of NF to Ziguinchor in Casamance at the border of Bissau Guinea to discover the magnificent beaches of Sk…

  • 197312 Meeting Some Tribes of Senegal

    The largest group is the Wolof, representing 43.3% of the population of the country;They live predominantly in the West, having descended from the kingdoms of Cayor, Waalo and Jolof that once existed in that area; Their population is focused in large urba…

  • 197405-06 Martinique1 Guadeloupe1

    Distances and Times: Paris CDG Fort-de-France (Aimé Césaire Intl] 6873 km 8h35 mn Fort-de-France (Aimé Césaire Intl] Pointe-à-Pitre [Le Raizet] 194 km 0h29 mn Pointe-à-Pitre [Le Raizet] Paris 6773 km 8h28 mn Total flight…

  • 197405-06 Martinique1 Guadeloupe1

    Two Caribean French Islands which are dormant volcanoes (Mt Pelée in Martinica which erupted in 1902 killing quite anybody except 2 and firing all boats in minutes and the Soufrière in Guadeloupe that last erupted in 1976; The Pelée stratovolcano is famo…

  • 197412 Sri Lanka1 Discovery

    First contact with Buddhism, Hinduism, Asia and India; A deep change of civilization!

  • 197412 Sri Lanka1 A Mother in Paradise

    This trip has been the discovery of an equatorial island South of India named Ceylon at that time; Jean-Paul and me decided this far trip taking with us my mother 64 years old, a very Christian woman, still working and poor, who had never taken a plane ne…

  • 197503 SENEGAL2 Mbour Goree Island StLouis Sine Saloum

    An amusing story: my neighbour and friend at home in France said me on departure: "You can go to airport with your car and park it in Air France parking, I shall arrange that!"; I did not understand he should do but no more explanation; One day we had a s…

  • 197503 Senegal2

  • 197506 FranceStMaloUKJerseyStHelier

    I just remember how Jean Paul was seek in the hydrofoil, not the marine foot for a Breton of origin!

  • 197506 UK Jersey Island

    Not a very far trip; I have no photo of us here in Bretagne taken during this trip exept an identity picture dating from this month of 1975.

  • 197508 Italy Rome Assisi Tivoli Ostia

    It is always a great pleasure to go to Rome!

  • 197508 Italy Rome Assisi Ostia

    A pilgrimage offered by my Mother to discover the marvels of Vatican, the Sixtine chapel, the magnificent views from the top of St Peter cupola on the large plaza and papal gardens, the main papal basilicas and numerous other landmarks of the Eternal Town…

  • 197510 Indonesia1Malaysia1CruiseThailand1

    Collision between our B747and another B747 of Air France avoided in extremis!!!! The previous flights were by Air France to Rome then to Singapore with a B747 of Singapore Airline and several stops including Bangkok; We had given the itinerary to our fami…

  • 197510 Singapore1Indonesia1Malaysia1CruiseThail and1

    197510 Marvelous Last Trip with Jean-Paul; We had a big surprise in Singapore as our Jet Tours guide was Martine already our guide in Carribean Martinique and Guadeloupe in 197405 so she decided to make the cruise with us and that was not previous; Thanks…

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