IMG 4365bc Taj Mahal at Sunset

Architectural Wonders for the Glory of all Gods

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  • IMG 4365bc Taj Mahal at Sunset

    Taj Mahal is a mausoleum located in Agra, India, that was built under Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his favourite wife, Mumtaz Mahal; The Taj Mahal is considered as the finest example of Mughal architecture, a style that combines elements from P…

  • IMG 4354ac Taj Mahal Mosque Ceiling

    In Islam God is never represented but Art reaches divinity! India Uttar Pradesh Agra Taj Mahal.

  • IMG 4343ac Taj Mahal Gardens

    The most renamed monument of the world and a perfection in Islamic Art; India Uttar Pradesh Agra Taj Mahal.

  • IMG 4522ac Qutub Minar Highly Perched Balconies

    Men can climb to these first level outstanding high balconies made of pink sandstone! India Old Delhi Islamic Minaret Qutub Minar.

  • PICT21035ac Oman Muscat Sultan Qabbos Recent Mosque

    People give size to the main prayer hall! Turning my head in all directions, I could'nt believe my eyes! A photo can't rend the gigantic realty! After the ceiling and the dome with its massive chandelier, a major feature of the main prayer hall is the han…

  • PICT21012ac Grand Prayer Hall Prodigious Mihrab Details

    Nothing is enough beautiful for God! Oman Muscat Sultan Qaboos Recent Great Mosque.

  • PICT17247ac Central Very Large Dome with a Teaching Christ

    Christian Orthodox religion; Greece Attica Pireas Agia Triada church.

  • 58 Visited Roman Catholic Cathedrals of Western Europe

    TO SEE ENLARGED AS ALL PICTURES HAVE BEEN REDUCED!!! Around 2 main churches of the Catholic religion (St Peter in Vatican and Santiago de Compostela in Spain, it lacks here the 3 other papal basilicas of Rome St Mary Major, St John Lateran, St Paul Outsid…

  • Divine Rosaces in France

    TO SEE ENLARGED FOR DETAILS!!! This collage is made of French rosaces that I pictured in our many cathedrals visits; The major ones are present but it is not an exhaustive collage from far (I could make at least 4 other diferent collages on this subject f…

  • 110 1039ac Un Vaisseau de Dentelles de Pierre de 845 ans

    Chef d'œuvre médiéval sur l'île de la Cité érigé à partir de 1163, orgue monumental, trésor, vitraux, site UNESCO avec le berges de Seine; Notre Dame a 11 soeurs Gothiques dans la France médiévale: les aînées: Sens St Etienne (1135), St Denis Basilica (11…

  • PICT0162ac Paris Notre Dame Rosace Nord

    Grande rosace du transept Nord dédié à la Vierge Marie photographiée depuis l'entrée du transept Sud sous la belle statue de Notre Dame; L'immense lampadaire central a été descendu ce qui permet de meilleures images.

  • PICT8653ac France Paris St Eustache Church (1532 - 1640)

    This huge church has been ordered by the French King Francois the 1st to rivalise with the other great church of Paris, the cathedral Notre-Dame on River Seine City Island; I have always been attracted by the two churches by love of their grand organs, th…

  • PICT13312ac The Pillar Forest of the Choir in Melodious Sounds

    The grand organ was responding to the mass songs in a grandiose way from the high keyboard of the organ buffet; The prompt and loud basses pure sounds enjoyed strongly my heart when there; The huge instrument was played with such an exceptional virtuosity…

  • PICT19080ac Paris St Eustache Choir Majesty

    No entry permitted there, it is just normal; Paris St Eustache Church.

  • P9274468ac Toul Cathedral Facade at Twilight

    France Lorraine Toul Cathedral in a sunset glow.

  • P4301017bc Mt St Michel at Night in a Strong Wind

    It will feast its 1,300 years the day after, a very crowded day in perspective!!! Pierre has taken several nighshots here; With the strong winds and no tripod all were very shaked; Only this one is not too shaked and can be presented just to give an idea…

  • PICT13197ac Spectacular Choir Wonder 13th

    France Tours St Gatien Cathedral upper choir windows.

  • PICT10579ac Incredible richness of the Cathedral Ceilings

    France Tarn Albi St Cecile The Pink Cathedral.

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