IMG 9039ac Maharaja 's Palace illuminations

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  • VPFJC India Rajasthan 200403

    Agra Taj Mahal at Twilight seen from East side; India Uttar Pradesh Agra Taj Mahal.

  • IMG 3227ac Roissy II Boarding Hall

    France Paris Roissy CDG Airport.

  • IMG 3228ac Boarding the Big Bird, No Photo Please!

    France Paris Roissy II CDG Airport.

  • IMG 3230ac Turkish Mt Ararat & Son

    Flying over north Iraq we saw perfectly the distant Turkish Mt Ararat (about 5,000 meters high volcano which received the Noah Arch and all the animals of the Creation during the downpour) & its son just behind on right.

  • IMG 3243ac Delhi Vijay Park Hotel Welcoming Flowers

    These welcoming flowers were on our restaurant table in the Park hotel; On many places we saw flowers displayed like this (only petals in a pot of water, an Indian custom); India Delhi Vijay Park Hotel.

  • IMG 3238ac Replica of Jaipur Maharaja's Observatory

    We were lucky to have this nice view from our bedroom in the Vijay Park Hotel. Old Delhi was created by emperor Sha Jahan when he leaved Agra after the death of Mumtaz Mahal, his loved wife; The new town received the name of Shajahanabad and Sha Jahan bui…

  • IMG 3261ac Old Delhi Emperor Humayun 's Mausoleum & Story

    Humayun 's Mausoleum, built between 1565 & 1572 on a Begum 's order ( Hamida Banu, his wife) is the most beautiful Mughal monument of the ancient Capital Purana Qila (old Delhi); This gigantic monument of 41 meters high is standing on a square base of 12,…

  • IMG 4500ac Old Delhi Jamma Mosque

    A great landmark of Old Delhi visited with 41°C!.

  • IMG 4523ac Qtub Minar Splendour of Old Delhi

    Mediaeval high structure that has resisted to earthquakes; Old Delhi Qtub Minar (visited by Tintin, Milou and Captain Haddock).

  • IMG 4522ac Old Delhi Fantastic Qtub Minar Highly Perched Balconies

    Detail of the very old minaret;India Old Delhi Qtub Minar.

  • IMG 3305bc Ornate Camel on Thar Desert Road

    India Rajasthan State Thar Desert Road from Rewari to Mandawa.

  • VPFJC India Rajasthan 200403

    Camel of the Silk Road; India Rajasthan State Mandawa Town.

  • IMG 3475ac Meal Time

    A poor camel was turning desperately to find a place and access the food!!! Camel is an important part of the desert eco-system; in fact this ship of the desert is critical to survival in the rural areas; Camel is a key component of the economic activity…

  • IMG 3477ac Efficient Dentifrice

    This camel skows us its teeth as a proof of the used dentifrrice efficiency! I shall not reveal the trademark there but it gives quite white teeth and a fresh breath!!! India Rajasthan State Bikaner Camel Research Center.

  • IMG 3495ac Bikaner Raja Palace Guard

    An handsome Mughal descendent full of dignity! India Rajasthan Bikaner Maharaja's main palace.

  • IMG 3499cc Bikaner Maharaja's Palace Windows

    These awesome sandstone sculpted windows have two main functions: to permit a good ventilation in this region of high temperatures and to see outside without beeing seen; India Rajasthan State Bikaner Maharaja's Palace.

  • IMG 3509cc Maharaja Swimming-Pool

    India Rajasthan Bikaner Maharaja Palace and Mughal Palace Hotel.

  • IMG 3560ac Deshnok Rat Temple Entry

    Rat as many other animals is a deity of Hindu religion and has a dedicated temple at Deshnok; India Rajasthan Deshnok Hindu Rat Temple near Bikaner.

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