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  • 105 0596ac Marvel of the Marvels! Val di Funes St Johannes

    Yes indeed we are now in the sublime place and it remains as a dream! Probably one of the most beautiful scenery on the planet; Note that the Dolomites peaks are not in granite or quartzite but come from the coral sediments of the sea deposed millions yea…

  • 105 0563ac Lovely Rented Room in a Family Chalet

    A beautiful day in perpective this morning! We are very lucky with this weather as the to-day's goal of all this large trip is to reach Val di Funes and its famous site with the lone Baroque church of St Johannes; Here the Daschtein massive from our balc…

  • 105 0523bc Wagnerian Apparition (explored)

    With this terrific weather, this group of peaks seemed to be the Wagner opera Twilight of the Gods! Italy Dolomites Cortina d'Ampezzo region.

  • 104 0497ac Big Storm on Prepare

    Lightnings and roaring claps of thunder repeated by the mountains were quite frightening! Italy Dolomites Panorama road;

  • 104 0493ac Three Cimes Sublime Group

    Italy Dolomites Three Cimes Panorama Summit Road from Misurina.

  • IM000757ac Xi'An Great Mosque

    Great Mosque is still used by Chinese Muslims (mainly the Hui people) today as a place of worship; China Shaanxi Province Xi'An Capital Great Mosque.

  • IM000755ac Xi'An Great Mosque

    China Shaanxi Province Xi'An Capital Great Mosque.

  • IM000754ac Xi'An Great Mosque Tower

    When people talk about mosque, minaret is the very first thought that comes to mind; However, unlike most mosques in Middle East or Arab countries, the Great Mosque of Xi'an is completely Chinese in its construction and architectural style, except for som…

  • IM000753ac Gate of the Great Mosque in Xi' An

    China Shaanxi Province Xi'An Capital Great Mosque.

  • 105 0516ac Smoking Peaks

    We understood how the mountains seem to smoke: it comes from turning and ascending clouds from the base; Italy Dolomites range Cortina d'Ampezzo Region.

  • PICT6977bc Comic Visual Illusion

    No I am not a saint ascending in the air as the abbot of Ars! I was just standing on the end of the big stone on right; It was so hot in this jungle that I could not resist to put my back near the spray of this cascade! Cambodia Siem Reap jungle area at K…

  • PICT6546ac Angkor Sunset End with Green Ray

    A very furtive appearance!!! Cambodia Siemreap Sunset Observation Hill.

  • China Danxia Rainbow Mountains

    BETTER TO SEE ENLARGED!!!! Danxia is a natural wonder formed of red sand pillars, gullies and other landforms, which give the impression that this landscape is from another planet, rather than from Earth; China Gangsu Province Zhangye Town Danxia rainbow…

  • P9102776ac Piercing Sun with a Tern Passing

    Terns are also called sea swallows; France Bretagne Region Côtes-d'Armor Department Plougrescant Village Gorse Coast Pors Scaff area.

  • PICT6423ac Interlude: Precious Stones Stand

    True precious stones as Burmese pigeon blood rubies presented in simple plastic boxes and sold in a common stand among food and veggies! Cambodia Phnom Penh capital central market.

  • Facing Cape Town and Table Mountain

    Bloubergstrand beach view on Table Mountain and Cape Town austral end of Africa;The true most Southern Point of Africa is Cape Aghilas just on East of this one; Our Lufthansa B747 made a complete tour of this group of moutains before landing, it has been…

  • 2000 Another Fascinating Trip of 7 378 km Through South Africa

    BETTER TO SEE ENLARGED FOR DETAILS!!! In fact this collage shows very few compared to all what we saw during this quite 8000 km drive as the splendid Wines Route and Garden Route, Kwazu-Natal with Zulu tribe visit and the Indian town of Durban, the kingdo…

  • DSCN0388ac Mac Mac Falls 65m

    Wikipedia : Mac Mac Falls The Mac Mac Falls is 20 km from Graskop on the R532 road towards Sabie; The turn-off and parking area is at the curio stalls; A steep (wheelchair unfriendly) walk along a cement pathway takes you to the viewing platform above t…

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