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  • 102 0278ac Lovely Flowered Balconies

    Germany Bavaria Reit im Winkl village.

  • 102 0277bc Reit im Winkl Baroque Church

    Germany Bavaria Reit im Winkl village.

  • 102 0274ac Reit im Winkl Centrum

    Germany Bavaria Reit im Winkl village.

  • 103 0311ac Mozart's Grand Organ

    Mozart's grand organ in 4 angle buffets at naves and transepts crossing contains 4,000 pipes; Mozart has been one of the titular organists there! Austria Salzburg Cathedral of Saint Rupert and Saint Vergilius.

  • 103 0310ac Salzburg Cathedral Cupola

    The original Dom (cathedral in Germany) from 767 had been destroyed by fire and rebuilt many times; The current Dom was built in 17th century as a baroque style Roman Catholic church; It was also where Mozart was baptized in 1756 and became the titular or…

  • 103 0309ac Salzburg Cathedral Cupola

    So rich in superb frescoes and stuccos; Austria Salzburg Cathedral.

  • 103 0306ac Martyr of St Sebastian Altar

    Great devotion there if one considers the number of candles! Austria Salzburg Cathedral.

  • 103 0304ac Mammatus Clouds Above Salzburg

    These clouds should be named here "Amadeus clouds"!!! The Mozart's town is on the border of Germany, a few 20km from Berchtesgaden: view of lower and upper town with archibishop palace; Austria Salzburg.

  • 103 0335ac Appreciated Succulent Flower

    Germany Bavaria Berchtesgaden surroundings Panorama Strasse wilderness Hitler's Eagle Nest area.

  • 103 0320ac Berchtesgaden Skyline and Covered Mt Watzmann

    Germany Bavaria Berchtesgaden town.

  • 103 0316ac Maria Gern Pilgrimage Baroque Chapel

    Maria Gern Pilgrimage Chapel set against the magnificent Watzmann mountain range; This romantic chapel, located in an exposed position North of Berchtesgaden , was an important pilgrimage church around 1600; Its interior is sumptuously decorated with stuc…

  • 103 0313ac Maria Gern Pilgrimage Baroque Chapel

    One of the most photographed in central Europe! Germany Bavaria Berchtesgaden area.

  • 103 0312ac Back in Berchtesgaden with a Rainbow

    Germany Bavaria Berchtesgaden cathedral under a heavy rain.

  • 102 0283ac Clear Stream in Heaven

    Nice and quite place for our picnic! Germany Bavaria Berchtesgaden Watzmann mountain wilderness.

  • 102 0204bc Strong and Short Storm Rain

    Germany Bavaria Wilderness road Zugspitze mountain Krun area.

  • 101 0198ac Ettal Cloister Huge Dome Crystal Chandelier

    Very delicate long enhancing to correct the upper windows blured by a very strong outside light; Windows glass, Ironwork and outside protection grill were not visible! Germany Bavaria Ettal Cloister.

  • 101 0197ac Warning Image Before Confession

    The image of our sure death reminds to the person going to confess that she must not hide or forget some faults before the Last Jugment!!! Germany Bavaria Ettal Cloister.

  • 101 0196ac Ettal Grand Organ

    Germany Bavaria Ettal Cloister.

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