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Photo taken on May 29, 2011

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2010-06 Trip
Santa Maria de la Regla

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Spain Leon Cathedral Santa Maria de la Regla 13th

Spain Leon Cathedral Santa Maria de la Regla 13th
TO SEE ENLARGED AS ALL PICTURES HAVE BEEN REDUCED!!! A pure Gothic sister of Notre Dame of Chartres in France! From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: Vaulting of the crossing Santa María de Leon Cathedral, also called The House of Light or the Pulchra Leonina is situated in the city of Leon in North-West Spain;It was built on the site of previous Roman baths of the 2nd century which, 800 years later, king Ordono II converted into a palace; The Leon Cathedral, dedicated to Santa María de la Regla, was declared of Cultural Interest in 1844; It is known as the Pulchra Leonina and it is a masterpiece of the Gothic style dominating the mid-13th century, by master architect Enrique; By the late 16th century it was virtually completed; The main façade has two towers (the South one known as the 'clock tower'); The interior represents a combination of architecture, painting, sculpture and other arts; It must not be forgotten that the Renaissance retrochoir contains alabaster sculptures and that the choir was built by three great artists: Jusquin, Copin of Holland and Juan de Malinas; Particularly noteworthy is the Plateresque screen in the wall behind the sepulchre of King Ordono; Interior view: It has three portals decorated with sculptures situated in the pointed arches between the two towers; The central section has a large rose window; Particularly outstanding is the image of the Virgin Blanca and the Locus Appellatione, where justice was imparted; Its almost 1,800 square meters of stained glass windows dating from the thirteenth to the fifteenth century are among the world's finest stained glass; In the Main Chapel, there is an altarpiece by Nicolas Frances (15th century) and a silver urn containing the relics of San Froilan, the town's Saint patron, made by Enrique de Arfe; The 13th–15th century cloister contains singular sculpted details in the capitals, friezes and ledges; The Cathedral Museum houses a large collection of sacred art; There are almost 1,500 pieces including 50 Romanesque sculptures of the Virgin, dating from pre-historic times to the 18th century (Neoclassicism) with works by Juan de Juni, Gregorio Fernandez, Mateo Cerezo, a triptych of the School of Antwerp, a Mozarabic bible and numerous codices; The first manuscript in Leonese language, the Nodicia de Kesos, can be found in its archives; Spain Castile-y-Leon Leon Cathedral Santa Maria de la Regla.

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The Rose Window is particularly beautiful.
6 years ago.
Jacques has replied to albertsville
Yes, I had success for this shot as always difficult to take without tripod and shall post it separately! Thank You Carol!
6 years ago.
Bruno B
Bruno B
Excellente illustration!!!
6 years ago.
impréssionnante et formidable montage et texte enrichissant
6 years ago.