Jennifer Murphy

Jennifer Murphy

Posted on 07/09/2015

Photo taken on June  9, 2015

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I came out this morning to find a broken fence post, and a section of fence mangled and broken. Upon closer inspection, it appears to be the work of Bullwinkle.
My facebook post:

Today's "Adventures on Plantation Road".
Apparently my post & woven wire fence isn't moose proof.
Raven and I headed out on our morning walk and I happened to notice tracks near the side of my lawn. I thought, glancing at them quickly, that my neighbor must have taken her horse out for a quick ride. As my eyes followed the tracks, they widened in horror at the sight of numerous divots and large hunks of lawn that were strewn about. What in the actual...?
Then I saw the clear track of a good sized moose.
Then I saw the broken fence post.
And the busted wire.
And the big mess that is now a section of my fence.
It was easy enough to put the story together. According to its tracks, the beast exited the woods near the vernal pond between Pat's and the new neighbor's, just over the hill. It trotted along the side of the road, past Kathy's house, then crossed over at the edge of Ruth's lawn. The tracks tell me it meandered over to my driveway, then took a hard left toward my perennial bed. Currently, the gate that would have prevented it from doing so is chained open. The tracks then go along the edge of my garden and up to the old well house. At this point, I'm assuming the mules went absolutely ballistic, because A.) they are highly territorial critters and B.) the moose spun and ran blindly into the fence. The depth of the tracks and the direction they're pointed tell me it most likely ran into the fence, then attempted to jump it. It looks as though one foot - I'm not that good at deciphering sign to know which one - became stuck in the woven wire. In an attempt to free itself, it tore up the lawn, snapped a wooden post, and actually broke the woven wire. Once free, it trotted down the road the way it came, all the way past Scott and Leanne's house, off into the wilds of Maine.
And because my uncle would say it's not a Tracker Murphy story unless there's a scatological element involved, indeed, there was a pile of raccoon feces near the spot where the moose landed. I can only assume that the raccoon was either a lookout for passing vehicles, or simply happened upon the scene, stopped to watch the fiasco unfold, and shit himself when the massive animal nearly crushed him in his attempt to escape the ragings of two very angry mules.
Well, that's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

Jennifer Murphy
Jennifer Murphy
You can see (faintly) the dug up bits of lawn from the struggle in front of the fence here:
2 years ago.
Jennifer Murphy
Jennifer Murphy
You can make out where its foot was stuck in this photo; near the bottom of the fence.

2 years ago.