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signs of spring!

Bizzy in the yard

I started some lettuce/arugula/mustard green seeds last month because I'm desperate for green and growing things.

With snowfall rates at about 2-4" per hour, I went out every two hours to shovel so I would be able to keep up.

The Never Ending Winter

Three major nor'easters in less than three weeks can be a little much. We got about two feet of snow out of this storm, on top of a foot from the previous and about 10" from the one before that.


Apparently this February has been one of the warmest on record for this area. Not complaining after the bitter cold of January! It was so warm on this evening - nearly 60*F - that the cats and I spent a little time on the porch, just enjoying it all. I'm looking forward to spring proper.

The Wall

The plow guy didn't want to get stuck on the little hill, which was a solid block of ice. All the snow he pushed up and left for later was just a challenge for me and my trusty snow blower. And you know, I love a challenge.

a scar across the sky

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