• Step back in Time

    Another Picmonkey modified photo of an old fuel truck at the State Fair yesterday.

  • Chevy in Waiting

    $3950 ... and it could be yours! :-)

  • All Hail the Chief

  • 1966 GeeTO Tiger

    There use to be a pair of these cars and a driver dressed up in a tiger suit. One lucky person’s ticket would be drawn at the drag strip and they would get the chance to race the GeeTO Tiger in the GTO of their choice. The promotion ended once GM’s lawyer…

  • 1966 GTO

  • 1959 Pontiac Bonneville

    From the days of the land yacht. :-)

  • Just a Grocery Getter!

    1964 Lemans station wagon with a three deuces.

  • Mouse in Hiding

    This is the engine in Woodie's Surf wagon. There's a small block Chevy hiding under the Chief.

  • Twins

    1951 Pontiac Chieftain.

  • 1966 GTO

  • 1964 Catalina

  • 1953 Pontiac Parisienne

    It was initially built for the 1953 GM Motorama and then updated for the 1954 Motorama, both at the New York City Waldorf-Astoria. That is what some say, however John Gunnell reports that there is no mention of the Parisienne at the 1954 Motorama, and sus…

  • 1964 Pontiac Banshee

    In 1964 Pontiac unveiled their newest concept car, which they dubbed the Banshee. During its development it was called the XP-833 project. This car was a small two-seater with a long, sweeping hood and a short rear deck. Several different versions were co…

  • 1964 Resto-Mod GTO

    Modern interior with independent rear suspension and LS-series drive train. Basically, a 1964 body on a 2006 GTO chassis.

  • 1965 ... A Great Year

  • Big Woodies Wagon

    I thought you might like to see what the surf board advertising was on. I'd really like to add one of these classic wagons to my collection. :-)

  • Big Woodies

  • Picmonkey

    I was just playing around with Picmonkey tonight. Not near as many cars at the convention as in past years. I think the heat has kept many away.

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