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Sweet Corn Harvesting

15 Sep 2021 11
Tipton County, Indiana.

Battle of Wits

01 Jan 2013 1 2 20
Sheila takes on the evil sprinkler!

Water Dog

01 Jan 2013 2 2 18
After a long bark attack on the magic box with the appearing and disappearing possum ... Sheila cools off with a water attack!

Keeping it Clean

26 Jun 2021 2 9 39
I've been trying to get Sheila interested in frisbees, she's really not interested, but she doesn't want anything in her pool ... including frisbees!

A Rare Pause ...

23 Jun 2021 3 7 29
Sheila has a rare moment where she pauses between sprints. :-)

On Guard

21 Jun 2021 1 4 30
Sheila pretending to guard the front yard while she plans her next love attack on anybody passing by.

Rest has Come ... Finally!

19 Jun 2021 2 3 31
Resting with her bear.

Attack of the Carpet Shark

19 Jun 2021 4 24
Sheila displays her dominance over the carpet shark.

Maxed out

17 Jun 2021 1 5 25
Sheila is wiped out from playing with her buddy Max.

Stealing My Spot

14 Jun 2021 1 3 18
Sheila takes advantage of me getting up to steal my spot on the couch.

Leading the Parade

09 Jun 2021 2 3 27
Sheila leading Aisy and Ellie through the ballpark.

Chasing a Friend

09 Jun 2021 1 5 20
Sheila doing her best to catch her friend Ellie at the ballpark and dragging Aisy along as fast as she can.

Mailman Approved

09 Jun 2021 3 7 25
Sheila was making a lot of noise and thinking she might have her head stuck in the fence or something ... I went outside to find her giving the mailman some love. He was reaching through the fence giving Shelia all kinds of pets.


05 Jun 2021 17
Alena and Sheila watching Ollie's ballgame.

The Rabbit

02 Jun 2021 1 4 19
The abuse Sheila has given her stuffed toy rabbit ... I pity the real rabbit that errors coming into our yard. Tawny was always too slow to catch them though she enjoyed the chase. Sheila is very fast and I think the rabbit will require a lot of luck to escape her!


01 Jun 2021 4 18
After a tough morning of being an Aussie mole ... Sheila grabs a nap behind her mortal enemy ... the carpet cleaner!

Resting under Grandma Bessie's Plant Stand

01 Jun 2021 12
Sheila is taking a break under my Great Grandma Bessie's plant stand. The legs look like turned wood spindles and in a way they are. During the depression they sold a furniture kit where you could turn old wood sewing spindles into wooden legs. A threaded metal rod runs through the center of the spindles.

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