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  • Lots Of Roses

    These are the roses that climb up the side of my house, but what they looked like 14 years ago to this day. Camera: Minolta XD11 Lens: Minolta MD Rokkor-X 50mm, f/1.2 Film: Kodak Gold 100UC Date: May 20th, 2005 Location: Norris City, Illinois, U.S.A…

  • Climbing Roses

    I have some lattice-work on the side of my house and these climbing roses grow up to the edge of the roof on my second story. When they're in bloom, there can be hundreds of roses like this showing at the same time. They've just started blooming in the…

  • Pentax Zoom 90 WR

    This little point and shoot 35mm camera was given to me recently. I has a partially exposed roll of film in it, so I need to get some batteries so I can finish shooting it and develop it to see what's on it.

  • More Buttons

    These are some more of the buttons in my late Mother’s collection. Camera: Konica Autoreflex TC (No. 5) Lens: Konica Hexanon AR 50mm, f/1.7 Film: Lucky SHD-100 black and white 35mm Shooting Program: Manual Aperture: F/1.7 Shutter Speed: “B” (bulb) 2…

  • Yashica FX-7 Super

    A nifty Yashica FX-7 Super SLR I picked up recently for about $4.51. It works great and with the 35-105mm Yashica zoom lens, is ready for just about any situation. It's fully manual, and in fact, I didn't put any batteries in it for the meter when I use…

  • Frog On A Post

    Kermit the Frog just hanging out one day. Camera: Minolta XD11 Lens: Minolta MD Rokkor-X 50mm, f/1.2 Film: Kodak Kodacolor VR 100 Date: April 1986 Location: Norris City, Illinois, U.S.A. XD11 Kodacolor VR 100 Easter 1986 21gf

  • Great Great Grandparent Bowles

    These are my Great Great Grandparents, William S. Bowles and Sarah S. (Nunn) Bowles. They both, separately, came over from England and landed in New Orleans, Louisiana and migrated to Evansville, Indiana and then settled in Maunie, Illinois, located in t…

  • Equal Justice Under Law

    The Supreme Court building - the United States' highest court of justice. Camera - Minolta XD11 Lens - Rokkor-X 50mm, f/1.2 Film - Kodak Kodacolor II, 100 ASA 35mm Date: May 1979 Location: Washington, District of Columbia, U.S.A. Minolta KSF5075 Washi…

  • Balloons At Night

    Colorful balloons lit up from the inside and reflecting on the water at night. Taken at the Balloon Fest in Centralia, Illinois on August 16th, 2013.

  • Sarah Nunn

    This is my Great Great Great Grandmother, Sarah Nunn. Her daughter, Sarah S. Nunn, married William S. Bowles and they were my Great Great Grandparents. Their daughter, Ella Mae Bowles married John W. Garrett and they were my Great Grandparents. Their d…

  • Live At The American Legion

    This shot was taken by a fan and I got a copy of it. I was really in to the music at that moment!

  • One Acoustic Guitar

    Me playing one of my acoustic guitars in a hotel I stayed at.

  • Rock! Rock! Rock!

    Me having fun during a live performance on December 5th, 2007. A fan of my group used my camera to take this picture.

  • Acid To Pigs

    A new edit of an old self-portrait from November 27th, 2007.

  • 15 Men On A Dead Man's Chest

    Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum.

  • Easter 2019

    Every year at Easter, my family would gather together and enjoy a meal that always included ham and then we would watch the movie The Ten Commandments. As you can see, I'm keeping the tradition alive.

  • Jazz Apples

    These are a couple of “Jazz” apples, a variety of apple I had never heard of before. I think they have a semi-tart, unique flavor. Camera: Minolta SRT-201 Lens: Minolta MD Zoom 28-70mm, f/3.5 @70mm 1:4 macro Film: Kodak Portra 160 Aperture: f/22 Shutt…

  • Black Gold

    This oil well sits less than a mile from my house. In the Summer, I can hear it chugging along.

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