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  • ...embossment...

  • wer ist ...?

    By diedje

  • Une maison typique.

  • Rupitl,Osona.
    By Ángel

  • Saint Day

    Saint Day. A quiet village now. Tin mining capital of the world 150-200 years ago. The Market Hall Clocktower chimes on the hour, every hour. My Spanish girlfriend had never heard these before (apparently not a Spanish tradition) and for the first two ni…

  • Camp Cameron

    Camp Cameron was the US Forces army base for black service personnel in the UK in WWII. They were placed here, in Out-Of-The-Way Cornwall so as not to frighten the poor timid natives. Joe Louis was based here and wrote that he was bored out of his mind!…

  • La fin de l'été....

    La fin de l'été...!!!
    By Nadine

  • "Steinreich"

  • Römische Häuser, die sich im Tevere spiegeln

  • Ein Cadillac in Wasserburg

  • Chromes Leuchten

  • Sports Fan

    so I hear neutrinos can travel faster than the speed of light. yeah? you know what that means, don't you? what? it means time travel is possible, you idiot! no shit! gee, where would we go? for starters, we could watch the game again! why would you want…
    By honeyj

  • Verrücktes Haus

    Bispingen, Landkreis Heidekreis, Niedersachsen www.dasverruecktehaus-bispingen.de
    By Ur@nos

  • ...criss-cross...

  • Autumn shot

    Pyrennean Oak, Autumn, El Escorial.

  • Bärte und Berge ... (c) Dan7

  • L'image n'est pas de moi. Mais je la trouve extraordinaire et prêtant à méditer... mais de TheBrockenInaGlory Source > en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Paul_Karl_Feyerabe nd#/media/File:Soap_bubble_sky.jpg . . . 2017-08-14 23h08 04

  • Murano 15

    By Modalo

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