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  • Perlan : Myndatöku staður Öskjuhlíð - (558)

    REYKJAVIK . un moderno centro panoramico turistico e commerciale

  • "All cats are grey in the dark"

  • Window. 2017

  • Amsterdam University - (544)

  • ...falling stars...

    www.youtube.com/watch?v=h5XT15tMM2A www.youtube.com/watch?v=kdK1wvKAFfg

  • Bonne journée pour Vous...........

    alors........quand......? ?

  • ... aufgeplustert ...

  • schutzengel#

    alle jahre wieder
    By protox

  • bruederchen und schwesterchen#

    hdr bearbeitung
    By protox

  • hdr bearbeitung#

    drei stufen auf dem weg nach oben ;-)
    By protox

  • Big Blower

    Kaiserwinkl Ballooning near Walchsee (Tyrol, Austria), January 2016.

  • Winter Dreams are Coming True

    Captured fairly one year ago. This year the winter arrived two weeks earlier in North Tyrol (Austria). (An uncommon picture from North Tyrol. Isolated broadleaf trees are very seldom here.) ~~~~~~ Diese Aufnahme entstand vor ziemlich genau einem Jahr i…

  • H.F.F. - Winter Dreams #3

    Fresh-fallen snow within the Strub Valley (North Tyrol, Austria) The lower wire of the fence already lies underneath the snow. (Capture from last year. But ist very similar there today.) ~~~~~ Neuschnee im Strubtal, östlich von Waidring (Nordtirol). De…

  • Winter Dreams #4

    A small, twisted country road on a lovely, frosty winter morning (Captured with a focal length of 130mm (equivalent), standing on a small stepladder - of course safeguarded by a warning triangle and a reflecting vest.) ~~~~~ Eine schmale, gewundene Land…

  • Real Wintertime

    Snowfall as it actually should be in Tyrol (Austria) ~~~~~ Schneefall wie er in Tirol (Österreich) eigentlich üblich ist.

  • Keeping Streets Useable

    With snowploughs as big as those narrow streets allow. To be ready at a rate of knots. ~~~~ Mit Schneepflügen so groß, wie nur möglich. Damit das alles ratz-fatz fertig wird.

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