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  • Tourner en rond.

  • Anticipation...


  • Mount Athos ...Centuries of Spirituality

    Τρούλλοι του Καθολικού Μονής Δοχειαρίου,Άγ.Όρος Domes of the Katholikon of Docheiariou Monastery,Mount Athos

  • ". . .sweeps with many colored brooms, and leaves the shreds behind. . ."

    Emily Dickinson's poems Mother Nature, Nature Your visits and comments are very appreciated

  • Light and Darkness

    www.ipernity.com/blog/armando.taborda/82 3612 (photo taken from Internet; edited by Armando TABORDA)

  • Demis Roussos - Rain and Tears

    Good Old Time with Vangelis on the keyboards

  • Voir au-delà des limites de la vision

    Your visits and comments are very appreciated

  • The Aphrodite's Child Has Gone...Goodbye Demis

    Η φύση σε προίκισε με μια εξαιρετική φωνή που έκανε ευτυχισμένους εκαττομύρια ανθρώπων...Γεια χαρά Ντέμη...!!! Nature privileged you with an exceptional voice that made happy millions of people...Goodbye Demis!!! Few pop artists of the past 50 years achi…

  • ** The Little Chapel in the Snow **

  • Rue des petits carreaux.

  • Ωραία Ελένη της Σπάρτης - Beautiful Helen of Sparta

    Στην ελληνική μυθολογία ,η Ωραία Ελένη της Σπάρτης ή και γνωστή ως Ελένη της Τροίας,φημησμένη για τη σπάνια ομορφιά της,ήταν κόρη του Δία και της Λήδας(ή Νέμεσης),θετή κόρη του Τυνδάρεω,σύζυγος του Μενέλαου και αδερφή του Κάστορα,Πολυδεύκη και της Κλυταιμ…

  • Dance?! Together

    Zorbas Syrtaki , musica Mikis Theodorakis To Syriza! www.youtube.com/watch?v=4UV6HVMRmdk

  • Ig Nobel prize

    good morning, herr Doktor, how are you? my boy! isn't it marvelous? I've won the greatest prize of all! prize? you mean, a Nobel prize? not exactly! I've won the far rarer and more prestigious Ig Nobel prize! Ig Nobel? that's good. I guess. what did you w…
    By honeyj

  • metaphysics

    what are you doing today, joey? I'm examining the nature of the universe, existence and being. how about you? I'm gonna make a sandwich, and then I think I'll wash my underwear. sounds productive. hey, I'm ambitious that way.
    By honeyj

  • new history of time

    what are you working on, herr Doktor? my boy, I know just what the world needs most. more sex toys? what? no! we need a new history! the one we've got is completely inadequate. and we're stuck with it, because it can't be changed. until now that is. ha ha…
    By honeyj

  • comfort food

    what would you like for dinner, stanley? actually, edna, I was kind of hoping for meat loaf and mashed potatoes. you know, like dear mumsy used to make? of course, stanley. but your mother? she never cooked a day in her life. her staff of servants took ca…
    By honeyj

  • Es grünt!

    Please enlarge on black! - 10-Week Picture Projects: TREES Project Week 4 (January 26-Feb 01): Tree Parts: Green Leaves

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