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Salisbury Cathedral cloisters

Quarriers warrior

28 Dec 2021 4 1 20
One of the statues, made out of old gas cylinders, standing by the footpath near Quarriers Village in Scotland, where my son and his family live.

Looking for that pot of gold.

10 Dec 2021 5 1 35
Taken by my daughter, an archaeologist, who was directing this excavation in Ireland. They never did find the pot of gold, perhaps they were digging in the wrong place.

Salisbury Cathedral at night

13 Oct 2021 6 1 36
My local cathedral is floodlit at night and I can admire it every week when I go for a choir rehearsal.

Salisbury Cathedral at Christmas

01 Dec 2021 2 18
The Christmas decorations are on display in the Cathedral Close.

Salisbury cathedral through the branches

03 Nov 2021 3 29
An unusual view of the cathedral partly hidden behind the trees in the Cathedral Close. I am lucky to live so close to this magnificent building.

Mesopotam church chandelier

05 Oct 2021 2 1 31
The Monastery church of St Nicholas at Mesopotam in Albania was built in the 11th century on the site of, and using stone from, an earlier temple. The church is an unusual design with four circular roofs and two apses and was probably used by both Catholic and Orthodox worshippers. It is in need of restoration.

Ottoman house

05 Oct 2021 3 1 30
The interior of one of the old Ottoman era houses in Gjirokastra, Albania.

The ancient theatre at Byllis, Albania.

06 Oct 2021 4 32
If the audience became bored with the play, they could always admire the wonderful view.

A decorated column capital

06 Oct 2021 5 1 39
From the early cathedral of Byllis in Albania.

The caterpillar of the Pale Tussock moth

11 Oct 2021 5 1 42
This turned up in our garden yesterday.

Byllis, Albania. The view

06 Oct 2021 5 26
The view from the ancient city of Byllis in Albania.

Gjyrokastra castle

05 Oct 2021 2 30
A display of captured Italian and German guns in the great castle at Gjyrokastra, Albania.

Horse fountain

10 Sep 2021 8 1 40
Seen at the entrance to the Roman fort at Vindolanda, near Hadrian's Wall.

Hexham Abbey

13 Sep 2021 6 1 25
An illuminated display of paper angels in Hexham Abbey. An unexpected bonus during our visit.

Milecastle 42 on Hadrian's Wall

09 Sep 2021 14 10 47
The sun tried to come out at the end of a long wet day walking along the wall. (My daughter, who walked the wall with us, took this one.)

Stourpaine monument

21 Aug 2021 3 1 45
A monument to John Straight, former vicar of Stourpaine, who died in 1680.

Loch Lomond war memorial

09 Aug 2021 6 9 71
The dramatic war memorial on the shores of Loch Lomond.

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