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Happy Fence Friday


06 Mar 2017 6 17 190
Click the pic for a more surreal view.


08 Mar 2017 12 29 166
Happy Fence Friday.


06 Mar 2017 21 21 283
One of many fine installations that line Spadina Avenue in Toronto, on the stretch between College and King.


Happy Fence Friday

29 Aug 2015 10 8 229
This is an old one, but I don't think I've posted it before. It's better than any of today's efforts, anyway.

20 May 2017 6 7 176
I recommend clicking on the photo for the big view.

Canada 150 tulips

30 May 2017 6 17 126
White tulips with red flames, the official tulip of Canada's sesquicentennial this year (the national colours are red and white). They look flowerier if you click the pic for the large version. Bred in the Netherlands, which has helped us out with tulips a lot. This year is the sesquicentennial of the federation; its anniversary is celebrated on July 1; We do not for some reason celebrate the anniversary of our independence (which was made law on December 11, 1931).

Happy Fence Friday

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