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Happy Fence Friday

06 May 2021 7 6 22
This looks brightest in the full-screen version -- type Z, then click the frame to the right of the comment balloon. Please.

Re-Union at Fischer's

03 May 2021 7 7 42
For the VIntage Photos Theme Park theme "In a Row". She blows up real good (type Z).


18 Apr 2012 15 15 48
Somewhere in Toronto, nine years ago today. Spring is considerably further along this year.

Old Bank of England Court

19 Sep 2016 20 26 51
Norwich. According to Nikolaus Pevsner, Edward Boardman was the most successful Norwich architect of the second half of the nineteenth century, Since one of his rivals was George Skipper, that's quite an achievement. Lots of detail in the big views. Type Z for a bigger view. For a full-screen view, next click the frame in the top right corner between the comment balloon and the autoplay arrow. If you want a bigger view then that -- really, get a grip.
24 Apr 2021 10 18 47
Looks better big, I swear. Type Z to see if I'm lying.
23 Apr 2021 23 22 54
Freakier -- um, more evocative -- in the big view. Type Z if you dare.
18 Apr 2021 25 26 64
I prefer the large version. Type Z to see if you agree. Please.
14 Apr 2021 19 28 75
Look at the big version. I dare ya.

Dr. G. W. Hofferd's white oak

11 Apr 2021 12 12 59
This the fourth shot I've posted of the London Normal School or its grounds (if you click the PiP at top right you will learn about what a normal school was and the history of this one). It's not that I have an inordinate interest in the school but it's on my way to the supermarket. I can't miss it. Anyway, this white oak has a commemorative stone saying it was grown from an acorn by Dr. G. W. Hofferd. Well, that's what white oaks grow from, ain't it? OK -- Dr. Hofferd was head of science, horticulture, and agriculture at the normal school 80 years ago, and his tree is now an attractive part of the elegant landscaping at the normal school.. The trees have started to leaf here, so I managed to get this just in time. Here's a link to Dr. H's photo in the 1941 yearbook; he's at top left on the lefthand page:

Going to work in 2012

25 Apr 2012 13 15 52
Another crop of an old photo to 16 X 9 format. The things you find to amuse yourself with during a pandemic. I like the bigger views. Type Z if a comparison interests you.
12 Apr 2016 17 22 62
I recommend the large view (type Z). I could be wrong.

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