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07 Feb 2022 12 17 106
My first post of a photo taken in 2022. As soon as I uploaded it I realized it looks like someone with their tongue hanging out of the left side of their mouth but I'm willing to overlook that. I'm feeling a bit peaked at the moment so will start commenting on other people's photos tomorrow,

Happy Fence Friday

Hyman Street, London, Ontario

17 Oct 2010 18 28 156
London, Ontario has many attractive old buidlings of white brick with carved gable trim and bargeboards. The carved tree trunk is a memorial to C, S. Hyman, for whom the strees was named; the carver was Neil Cox. For more information about Hyman, you can click the PiP at top left, which will take you to a description of his many accomplishments. London, by the way, has an official tour of carved tree trunks, but I think you're meant to just drive around to the trees yourself. Save some time and just drive along Hamilton Road in southeast London, where almost all the tree trunks are. But, of course, we can't admit that it's a southeast London project, can we? When I tell people the neighbourhood in southeast London I grew up in they jump back as if I'm going to rob them. But its reputation is a highly exaggerated version of the truth. Anyway, if you drive along Hamilton Road you can also visit the Buddhist centre in the other PiP. Here's the city's information about the tour:

Husky the Muskie

06 Oct 2021 7 7 76
Submitted for the Vintage Photos Theme Park theme, Something Fishy . From the back of the postcard: Kenora is the northern gateway to Lake of the Woods, with its 14,632 islands and 65,000 miles of shoreline."Huskie" [sic] is a replica of the muskellunge (or muskie), one of the many fighting fish found in these waters, It is located in Kenora's McLeod Park, is 40 feet tall, and at 2 1/2 tons weighs 64 times more than the world's record muskie (70 lbs.). Actually, 2 1/2 short tons is 71 times 70 lbs. A rare example of the fishing community underestimating.

Toronto, 2013

08 Oct 2013 14 13 69
Looking along Wellington St. across John St. The structure in front is a promotion for the CN Tower; it is not part of the tower itself, which is farther south,
12 Oct 2010 22 28 138
Memories,. conscious or unconscious, of René Magritte may have influenced this shot. Well. of course they did.

Happy Fence Friday

26 Sep 2013 15 31 88
Leaside, Toronto

Toronto, 2015

17 Sep 2015 10 11 80
King & University. Another street photo fitting rdhinmn's description. A vertical split with different views on each side.

Under the Gardiner

24 Sep 2011 12 16 78
Bay Street and Lake Shore Boulevard, Toronto, 2011.
20 Sep 2021 11 24 119
It’s Election Day in Canada! Will the PPC take votes from the CPC? Did Shachi Kurl’s ( not Scaachi Koul’s) question at the English-language leaders’ debate hand QC to the BQ? Will the CPC slogan alienate UCP voters in AB? Has the WE scandal hurt the LPC? And with Jagmeet Singh being so popular why isn’t the NDP? I dunno. What am I, some kind of psychic? My crystal ball's at the cleaners', anyway(s). I'm hoping for another minority government, though. Not only do they seem to be more productive but they are also way more entertaining.
19 Sep 2021 7 11 85
A Valu-mart other than the one I usually shop at. I love their look.

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