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  • Basilique d' El Cobre...

    Le Basílica Santuario Nacional de Nuestra Señora de la Caridad del Cobre ( Basilique Nationale Sanctuaire de Notre - Dame de la Charité ) est une catholique romaine mineure basilique dédiée à la Vierge Marie située à Santiago de Cuba , Cuba. Il a été cons…

  • Morning Market

    Forget supermarkets, in Luang Prabang the street markets are held every morning and are where you will find almost anything you'd care to eat (and a bit more besides, see some of the PiPs!). Markets such as these are common and, I suspect, are similar to…

  • Drying robes

    Monk's robes, seen drying at a monastery in Luang Prabang. Wishing everyone an enjoyable and safe weekend, HFF to all. Explored.

  • Shopping?

    Lao women with baskets in Luang Prabang. I'd suggest viewing large. The weeks seem to pass remarkably quickly, it's hard to believe it's again time to wish you all HFF and best wishes for the coming weekend. Stay safe.

  • Golden light

    Taken in our nearby nature reserve on a late afternoon "exercise" walk. Let's hope this wretched virus is soon contained - with that thought, here's a musical link. How long since you heard Jo Stafford?

  • The funerary carriage

    This needed a vertically stitched panorama! It is the funerary carriage of King Sisavong Vong and is housed in a special Royal Carriage House at the Wat Xieng Thong (see previous image). On the carriage are copies of the funeral urns of various members…

  • The Royal Carriage House

    The Royal Carriage House was built as recently as 1960 to house the funerary carriage of King Sisavong Vong (see next image). It is in the grounds of the Wat Xieng Thong (see previous image).

  • We can conquer the world In love you and I

    A voir sur fond noir de préférence Nk&feature=related Here we are On earth together It's you and I God has made us fall in love It's true I've really found Someone like you Will it stay The love you…

  • Milky Way Bow.

    Just before I left At 5 AM in the morning I set my camera up as horizontal and took 4 photos of the whole bow with the 14 mm lens. The bow is sitting South to North and the Center Due West . Bottom right hand corner are the lights of Two Rocks, this is ju…

  • Memories.....

    On Explore...thank you Barbra Streisand - Memory (with lyrics) Created with Photosuite Pro

  • It's in our heart we find the reflection of our soul

    Created with PhotoLab Pro "REFLECTIONS OF MY LIFE" THE MARMALADE ~ 1969 - original recording ~ HQ AUDIO

  • On the dog walk ;-)

    Have a great weekend everyone

  • Flower art

    Original in PIP On Explore...thank you

  • Have a great weekend everyone...

    On Explore, thank you.

  • Rose*********

    Bon week-end à tous ! Merci pour vos visites et vos commentaires !

  • le temps des roses

    Le coeur reste incrusté dans la rétine un quart de seconde lorsqu'on quitte l'image

  • les couleurs de ce matin,

  • harmonie,,,

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