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Independence Day 2009
Smoke-In - March Step-Off - Lafayette Park - 4 July 2009
Lafayette Park - NW - WDC - 2009
Lafayette Park, NW, Washington DC
40th Annual Marijuana Smoke-In - Washington DC - 4 July 2009
40th Annual Smoke-In - WDC - 4 July 2009
40th Annual 4th of July Smoke-In 2009
Lafayette Park 2009
4 July 2009
July 2009
Lafayette Park
Independence Day
Northwest Washington DC
Washington DC
Independence Day 2009 - Washington DC

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01.StepOff.SmokeIn.LafayettePark.WDC.4Ju ly2009

40th Annual Marijuana Smoke-In . March Step-Off . Lafayette Park across from the White House . 1600 block of Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington DC . Saturday afternoon, 4 July 2009 . . Elvert Xavier Barnes Photography

LuDoViC club
what do you think ?
Seen in infinilud home page (?)
10 years ago.
Elvert Barnes club has replied to LuDoViC club
while i am not a 'smoker' i do feeel that it should be liegalized.

as a 50 something black american male that has been subjected to us government's war on drugs' i have first hand experience and knowledge of us government 's involvement with drugs and propaganda regarding addiction
10 years ago.

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