Badly's photos

  • Big troop

    Next to a dead eucalyptus tree stump

  • Probably honey fungus

    Growing on a dead eucalyptus tree root

  • Georgia! Armenia!

    Flags of adjoining nations. We didn't visit Armenia, but our neighbours did, and they can see these flags from their house.

  • Avlabari roundabout

    Last look at Tbilisi before we get on the bus for the airport.

  • Exciting 3D mural

    on the approach road to the airport

  • Grilles and satellite dishes

  • Soviet-style apartment block

  • Hotel Fang Xin

  • Georgian National University spire

  • Doktor Benjamen's Restaurant

    Good food, great view.

  • Doktor Benjamen's Restaurant

    Good food, great view.

  • Cross, surrounded by symbols of the four Evangelists

    Tiny chapel

  • A King and his harp

    Tiny chapel

  • Eagle with wings of eyes

    Symbol of John the Evangelist. Tiny chapel

  • View of the castle from tiny church

  • Tiny cloister

    Tiny chapel

  • Apse: Mary, Child, Archangels and Apostles

    Tiny chapel

  • Pensive saint

    In a tiny chapel behind a souvenir shop.

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