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  • Where will I be next?

    With iPernity shutting down, I thought I should post a video of where you can find me next. I've started posting new videos at - My newest video (as of this post) is online there now - my thoughts on Rogue One. Yo…

  • Zoe - close up

    I haven't posted a picture of my cat in a while... so here you go. :)

  • My thoughts on Playstation Trophies

    This is my response video to LifeSpiller79's youtube video "Do Trophies Get in the Way" -

  • Sexy Mayo

    I just thought this was funny.

  • Classic Autumn

    Feels like a classic Canadian Autumn sight.

  • REVIEW - Shadow of the Beast

    My review of Shadow of the Beast on PS4.

  • REVIEW - The Order: 1886

    My review of the Order: 1886 on PS4 Here's a link to the video on mediocre games:

  • REVIEW - Mirror's Edge: Catalyst

    My review of Mirror's Edge: Catalyst on PS4. I'm sorry about the last two sentences... I'm not sure what happened to the sound!

  • Lego Under-water Sculptures

    From our trip to LegoLand. This are the types of sculptures you can find in the tanks at the on-site aquarium, with sharks, stingrays and more swimming around them.

  • Lego New York Skyline

    From our trip to LegoLand.

  • Lego Trench Run

    From our trip to LegoLand.

  • Lego Death Star

    From our trip to LegoLand.

  • Canola Field

    Canola field in Lafleche Saskatchewan.

  • First Impressions - TOMB RAIDER

    My first impressions of the 2013 Tomb Raider game.

  • My Thoughts on Doom

    My thoughts on the 2016 release of Doom on PS4.

  • First Impressions - Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath

    I'm on level 3 of this HD version for the PS3, and decided to share my thoughts so far.

  • Thoughts on Lego Dimensions

    My thoughts on why Lego Dimensions (on PS4) is the best toy-portal game available. My review for the referenced Skylanders game can be found here:

  • At the Arcade

    Spent some time with the kids on some arcade machines.

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