The track was muddy

John Penton GNCC, Millfield, Ohio

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The track was muddy

This is just a small part of the track -- the whole thing is more than 10 miles long. Good riders can complete three to four laps in the two-hour race.

A lot of faith in traction

This official is more relaxed than most people would be.


This rider has a GoPro camera mounted to his helmet and has captured exciting footage of the back side of mud.


As with European rallyes, spectators get very close to the action.

Clear view, anyway

Some riders had tear-off goggles, letting them get rid of the front layer as soon as it's so mud-covered that vision is impossible.

Mud and more mud

The only thing not mud-encrusted here is the tires!


What concentration looks like.

The finish line is over there!

"And miles to go before I finish . . ."

Tearing up the track

It flies, but none of it hits the fans.
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