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Sports entry: Attractive quad driver

Katelyn Osburn of Greene, N.Y., who when not racing in the women's professional class is a model and actress.

Third Place Sports Photo winner

The rider had gotten the reins wrapped around his wrist and when he completed the ride and dismounted he ended up getting dragged. Sadly, there's no category for picture series.

News entry: Hocking River drowning

Third Place News Photo winner

Possibly the best picture ever taken of the mounted patrol. They were moving to a popular song. The photographer hoped someone would play "YMCA," but no one did.

News entry: Baker Center demonstration

News entry: Milo and Amy

First Place News Photo winner

A demonstration on Court Streey in Athens, Ohio.

News entry: Chicken love

Due to bird flu, poultry had been banned from the Athens County Fair. Now the threat had passed and they were back, to the delight of this young man.

Feature entry: Republican cake

Devil's food cake with fluffy frosting makes politicians more interesting -- or at least that seems to be the experience of little Emily, 5, at the Athens Republicans Lincoln Day dinner Thursday evening. Even Abe himself seems to agree.
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