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War Memorial on College Green


Polyphemus moth on court street

Shot with the 14mm lens because that's all I had with me. 590nm infrared, of course.

A daisy in the gold with a bug

I think there may be a parable here. 590nm, by the way.

Fawg rises after a thunderstorm

That's not a pile of steaming cottage cheese -- disgusting notion, isn't it -- but sun on the far hillside, while this side of the holler is in the shade. Fuji X-E2 590nm IR converted, 35mm f1.4 Fujinon.

RT 550 in 590 IR

Amesville, Ohio, as seen from the other side of the street. I took the white balance, by the way, off the sidewalk.

Infrared reflections often delight

I didn't expect these colors. Shot at 590nm, with auto white balance and channel swapping in The GIMP.

That field in Amesville, Ohio

This time in 590nm infrared.

Amber waves of grain-to-be

As seen in 590nm infrared.

The collision was narrowly averted, as they say

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