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  • A menacing cloud

    A beach in the gulf of Cagliari. The objects with the shape of a ball visible on the sand are called locally: sea potatoes, but actually they are not potatoes nor fruits but the result of the waves which compact some species of sea-weeds into a balls an…

  • Spin

    Christmas Ferris Wheel in Centenary Square, Birmingham I'll be around

  • The Sunday Challenge ~Christmas~

    Kahlua & eggnog, my favourite Christmas beverage. I can't trim the tree without it....sometimes it takes days to finish the job =D Merry Christmas everyone !!

  • sadhu in Varanasi

    A humble portrait of a Hindu sadhu in the holy city of Varanasi India.

  • Una notte a Boccadasse (349)

  • Évora Sé

    ©Mitch Seaver - All Rights Reserved. See more at Mitch Seaver - Alaska Photographs

  • the_stern

    shipwreck Ambassador - Strait of Magellan

  • Bus & Tram à TOURS ♫♪

    En Grands et Details en passant la souris ♫♪ Un diaporama en musique (full screen)sur Tours ici : b=1&pw=XEwBw85y&a_id=7078751 . . . . . ♫♪

  • tendresse sauvage...pour le "divin enfant"

  • Badech

  • Garbage Nativity

    Mamaroneck, NY


    Drawn with the graphic tablet. Dessiné avec la tablette graphique.

  • India de Sibambe.

    WISH YOU ALL A PLEASANT WEEKEND:) **************************************** *** Sibambe is a small town in the Chimborazo province of Ecuador. It is located near the base of the "Devil's Nose" promontory and the end point for tourist trains from Riobamba a…

  • Red gate

    Inís Mór. Aran Islands.

  • Ballintoy Harbour

    Northern Ireland. Antrim Coast. Used as location for Game of Thrones

  • The Mathematical Bridge

    Cambridge. UK

  • Fumée noire

    J' écorche les nuits Saignée à coeur Dévore les jours Incisive glacée Mauvais goût Goût de rien Vomi l' ennui Crache venin Poison Passé cramé De bout en bout Plus bout en train Fumée noire A toute vapeur Oubliée Aveugle Mémoire s' en cogne Coin d' un pard…

  • Ecoutes....regardes....

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