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  • Bear and boat

    Male Kamchatka bear, heading for salmon stream. Far Eastern Russia. The boat is the expedition vessel on which we were travelling. No crop. On this deserted beach, 8 of us, armed with one big stick, were bear stalking when this big boy came galloping alon…

  • Abyunaki Woman.

    happy serene weekend:) *********************************** An Abyunaki woman typically wears a white long scarf (covering the shoulders and upper trunk) which has a colourful pattern and an under-knee skirt. Abyunaki people have persistently maintained th…

  • Senkrechte Streifen

  • Vorleserin

  • Curruca Cabecinegra, Sylvia melanocephala(♂)

  • MG 9089

    A single shot using stopshot (3 water drops)

  • The Big One

    I shot this a few years back now with a small Nikon Coolpix camera, I was trying to get the roller coast train over the sun. Anyway I liked it, and it blew up to A3 and looks nice in a frame hung in my dining room.

  • { Fanny 31 }

  • St.George Hodjava Monastery in Wadi Kelt

    ... Greek Orthodox Monastery of St.George Hodjava in Holy the desert of Judea, where prophet Eliaj lived and St.Joachim the father of our Most Holy Virgin Mary lived in strict fasting and prayer before her conception.This ancient monaste…

  • The last time?

    So long ago a wedding was not held in the village, that when she found out, ran to the old trunk and pulled out the forgotten custom of garnishing the windows under which the bridal procession passed. His gesture softened me and I felt sad because that…

  • Red houses

    Seen in Albarracín (Teruel)

  • Une vielle maison dans le Poitou

  • Courbe dans les arbres

  • Jamais seul ....

  • Automne

  • L'improbable rencontre...

    OPUS 88 A groite trois libnes lanches vertizontales et à drauche neuf libnes horiticales doires qui se droisent dans un bouvement bonvexe. On janse à un passis de benêtre, mais c'est pas çout ta : le geindre est pénial et le blateau est signé. cf. Norge…

  • ...

    "Dans le délicat et le fragile, sois l'ailé, coupable de cimes et d'abysses, capable de toutes les immensités" cf. Marc Vella - Le chant des libres

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