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  • Rio_Baker

    space for the river!
    By Berny

  • ~ Light, Butterfly and Yellow ~

  • ~ Look ~

  • Photo de Malik.

  • have a nice week end my friends

  • Notre maison familiale

  • branche de prunus

  • instant printanier

  • Majuli Island fisherman

    Brahmaputra River. Assam. India

  • Maid of the sea

    Russian Far East. Commander Islands in the Bering Sea

  • Into the station

    The UNESCO listed Darjeeling Himalaya Toy Train (1880's locomotive) steaming into the Darjeeling Railway Station...down the main street. It is a very narrow gauge mountain railway, taking about 10 hours to ascend from Siliguri and travel 70 kilometers to…

  • Sans-abri , sans-papiers , sans-rien quoi !

  • Campement de fortune devant le Louvre

  • maman, nous avons une grande faim !!! ... Mama, wir sind sehr hungrig ! ...

    Gebirgsstelze (Motacilla cinerea)

  • Best Bib and Tucker

    The two notes show the second gull taking off and landing back on the post. This second gull kept swooping down below the posts and then gracefully landing immediately behind the stationary gull. I have placed a Health Warning on the two Inset shots! T…
    By Joan+

  • Diminution (B)

    This has to be Ribblehead Viaduct..... Taken at Batty Moss, Ribblehead, Yorkshire Dales Brief details: Built Oct 1870 - Aug 1875. 1,000 navvies, 200 deaths (many from smallpox). 440 yards (400 m) long, 104 feet (32 m) at its highest point. 24 arches of…

  • The sleeping Gull

  • La roulotte de la Magicienne

    "Laisse-moi t'emmener dans mon monde, j'y guiderai chacun de tes pas, j'apprendrai tes réveils, j'inventerai tes nuits, je resterai près de toi. J'effacerai tous les destins tracés, recoudrai toutes les blessures. Tes jours de colère, je lierai tes m…

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