• Squirrels Can Swim...

    But that doesn't mean they want to. I can't help but post this one. Right here's the scene: I'm walking up to the small Shornden reservoir where the Grey Heron stays in the willow tree.. behind a tree beside me I hear a splash, and assume its one of the…

  • Hastings Tropical Style

    Older stuff from last spring in the hopes that spring will return again soon. Under the bridges as I call it in Coronation Wood.

  • Warm Me

    Older stuff from last spring in the hopes that spring will return again soon. Sun rayz caught on tape.. er SD Mem cards...

  • Whacha Got

    I've never really understood the reason people love squirrels and hate rats, but I suppose there are circumstances they could become problems. This family lives quite cleanly off of any left overs the pigeons or squirrels leave.

  • Fake Crocodile

    Its all I can do not to photoshop eyes on it and email Nick our friendly Alexandra park Hastings Ranger and tell him hes got bigger problems than the terrapin turtles in Harmons pond...

  • Tree Texture

    Tree texture free to use for non commercial purposes.

  • The Volunteers Friend - KellyKettle

    Our favorite part of all the conservation work is most definitely the tea breaks :)

  • Nick Hennessy Hastings Ranger

    Last volunteer day at Shornden Meadow in Alexandra Park here in Hastings, Our fearless leader directs tree traffic. Let the planting begin!

  • Small White

  • Orange-Tip Male

    Furry furry furry

  • Works @ Old Roar Gill

    I was told by a member of the Angler Association that this is a Disabled Access being built for fishing. Great Idea :)

  • The Tree

    My favorite tree in the world. Yes folks this is a photo of spring last year, days later was out shooting tulips :) And if the weather man's right, could look this way again soon :D

  • B7zero1 Cleared for Landing

    "Kuuuurckkk, 10-4"

  • Incoming

    Not fantastic but this is the first time I've seen a swan flying, or heard one. Massive sound they make was very impressive.

  • Grey Heron - 3

    Three of the set, still moving branches out of her face.

  • Grey Heron - 5

    Checking wing feathers. Look at that wing span... wow.

  • Sparkly Goodness

  • Hastings Wildlife

    Female Grey Heron

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