• Downstairs

    Waterfall near Tram Ton Pass - North Vietnam

  • Saigon Jazz

  • Sad Eyes

    theres a shine in the earring, which means hope..........

  • Floating Market - Mekong

    Cai Rang Floating Market....near Can Tho,...better view in large!

  • Scaffold

    Wooden scaffolt in Habana

  • CIA - Budapest

    Cemetery In (late) Autumn - Budapest - 2002

  • Tren de las nubes - 2

    The Viaducto La Polvorilla - and the weather is not better .........

  • Pyramid Reflections

    View from the skyscraper "555 California Street", which is 237 m high, with 52 floors, completed 1969. It was at that time the tallest and is now the second after the Transamerica Pyramid, which is reflecting on the wall.........

  • Cable Car

    The famous Cable Car at the Powell & Mason Street.....

  • Green and grey.....

  • Ghosttown Rhyolite in the moonlight......

    Discover Ennio Morricone!

  • The attack of the strange hedgehog armada on Mars

    OK, there are no real hedgehogs, but simply bushes and a stone like a hedgehog-nose, and its north west of the Death Valley and not on Mars, but in my fantasy anything goes....... For happy Mars landing press Play....

  • The Water Avalanche - 1

    The Nevada Falls - Yosemite NP

  • The Water Avalanche - 2

    see the large version!

  • Old clocks show the same new time......

    In the backgorund you see the "Smurfit-Stone Building" (also called "Diamond Building"), 177 m high, 41 floors, completed 1984.

  • Threatening

    The Water Tower Place - Chicago

  • A Retro-Science-Fiction World

    The complex "Marina City" consists of two corncob-shaped 65-story (including 5-story elevator & physical plant penthouse), 179 m tall residential towers, completed 1964 (!)

  • Skysplasher and skyscraper

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