real life teatro........


real life teatro........

it's Mapuche's land......!

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read about the situation of one of the natives of Chile: deutsch: some articles also available in english...... I especially like the second half of the music, ...if you are patient

c h a n n e l e d

remind those who owned the land

16 Jan 2010 19 3 960
we europeans robbed their land and systematically murdered millions of native indians in north- and south america. when I see all those statues of so called heros, conquistators, colonizers, discoverers, "first settlers", seen in every city, in every village, read in many street names, I get sick and sicker, because no one seems to realize, how many of them are simply murderers and criminals....... and this is, what has not changed, these politics of an inhuman arrogant profit oriented system of a small minority ruling the world...... who cares about the people of Iraq, oil is what counts, who cares about the people of Afghanistan, oil and mineral resources are what count, who cares about the people of Vietnam, of Cuba, power and control count, who cared about the people of Chile, when the CIA-felons and Pinochet murdered Allende and 10000s of innocent Chileans, power and influence count, who cared about the people of Panama, when they murdered general Omar Torrijos, who cared about the people of Ecuador, when they murdered president Jaime Roldós Aguilera..........

windy second floor

in need of affection

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i know, it's bad to cut the arm......

on the edge

snapshop(t) color


some live in the sun.....

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and some in the shadow.......

j u s t i c e

gimme some brightness

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Puerto de Hambre - in the far south of Chile


Chilean fisherman

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in Puerto Natales

better don't drive chevrolet

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discoveries along the Ruta 40

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