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  • mirror, mirror...

    TSC: Use a mirror, any way you like (in the note the original photo)

  • Phoenicoparrus jamesi (2xPiP)

    James's flamingoes at Laguna Hedionda. The species was thought to be extinct until "rediscovered" in 1956 in the high Andes. James-Flamingo an der Laguna Hedionda. Man dachte, die Art sei ausgestorben, bis man si…

  • Hung out to dry

    ...note the gas cylinders;-) HFF folks, stay safe and don't get too exuberant with the easing of restrictions:-)

  • Gabelspaghetti

    MM 2.0- Gabel

  • Chickpea

    SSC: minimalism using one item for your subject alternative photo in clickable note

  • Laguna Verde

    Laguna Verde (4329m) and Volcán Licancabur (5920m) whose crater lake is one of the highest in the world. The ascent of Licancabur starts from the saddle on the left. Laguna Verde gets its colour from mineral suspensions, among them lead and arsenic. Becau…

  • Splash!

    TSC: fast shutter speed Having neither internal nor external flash made this difficult. I used a tripod, manual settings and serial exposure. Autofocus was useless so I tried to focus manually on the point where I expected the action to be. To get a shor…

  • lilo (PiP)

    MM 2.0 Detail einer Wärmflasche/ Detail of a hot water bottle

  • Nordland sky (PiP)

  • Traumhaus (2xPiP)

    Solitary house of your dreams, or do you prefer the white or yellow one in the notes? Einsames Traumhaus, oder lieber das weiße oder gelbe im PiP?

  • Morning sun

    on the mountains of Grytøya

  • Yellow and blue

    HFF everybody, keep your distance and stay safe!

  • Changeable weather

  • Rust!

    Detail of the old locomotive at Tirano

  • Terrassenufer von der Carolabrücke (3xPiP)

  • Yenidze A former cigarette factory built in oriental style in 1908/09

  • Morning sun over Hamborger Sound

    In fine weather MS Sarfaq Ittuk sails through Hamborger Sound which lies north of the town of Maniitsoq between the island of Kekertarmiut and the Mainland. It's ringend by high mountains and the odd glacier. Bei schönem Wetter fährt die MS Sarfaq Ittuk…

  • Aperol - without Spritz

    SSC: bottle/bottles used in a creative way The bottom of an Aperol bottle shot with 1 stop overexposure. Editing apart from standard RAW conversion: square crop, some mild tweaking of tone curves and a bit of skylight filter to emphasize the orange colou…

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