• Lochranza Red Deer

    Sunny day out at Lochranza and out towards the Cock Of Arran and got great views of the relaxed people-friendly deer herd that grazes on the golf course. Velvet visible on the antlers as they continue growing through to the autumn. Isle of Arran, Scotland…

  • Chanterelle

    14th October 2006 - First edible mushrooms I found. Returned a week later and collected about 750g in the same spot. Ate a few fried in butter on toast. I'm still alive. Location Bridge Of Weir, Scotland

  • This little piggy went to the flower market

    As we were not going to San Francisco, thought we would wear the flowers somewhere else. Katie's toes seemed like a good idea. 16th June 2013. Bowling, west of Glasgow, Scotland.

  • Water of life

    Under the beech trees beside my flat, little sparkly dewdrops on a young buttercup plant, perhaps. 28th April 2013

  • Baa Baa red yellow green blue orange black sheep, have you any wool?

    Designer clothing is getting out of hand. I ask ewe! Auchingarrich Wildlife Park, Comrie, Perth & Kinross, Scotland. Sunday 31st March 2013.

  • Tête à Tête dewdrops

    Dwarf daffodils in the dew outside my flat. Sunday 17th February, Bridge Of Weir Scotland. The winter is waning! Roll on Summer!

  • Happy Valentines Day!

    These amazing red fungi are found near the Glen in Bridge Of Weir, Scotland. Last saw them in 2007, so Happy Valentines Day everybody. These are Elf Cups and I've only ever seen them in February. Spread the Love!

  • Sarracenia purpurea carnivorous pitcher plant on Rannoch Moor, Scotland

    Despite 15 years hillwalking in Scotland, I have never found this before. It appears to be a kind of pitcher plant, but it's not native to Britain. This was about a metre across on Rannoch Moor, about 1/4 of a mile east of the A82, near the Black Mount. H…

  • Frosted Horse Chestnut

    Leaf litter on a very frosty sunday afternoon about 8 hours before our first proper snowfall of the winter. Bridge Of Weir 2nd December 2012.

  • Fractal under glass

    Ferns in the Kibble Palace at Glasgow Botanic Gardens. April 2012

  • Backlit Fireweed

    Sunsetting behind fireweed on the 14th fairway on the Old Course Ranfurly Golf Club, Bridge Of Weir, Scotland 7th August 2012.

  • Beetle breeding season

    The summit of Ben Lomond was infested with these beasties on Sunday 27th May, a crazy hot sunny day. Like little helicopters they buzzed around and landed on the various hikers that reached the top. As we later discovered they were swarming and mating. No…

  • Black Grouse chick

    Had 2 days wild camping above Loch Lomond last weekend. Came across a male and female Black Grouse and discovered that at my feet, their 3 baby chicks were nestling in the tufty grass. 3rd June 2012 on the east shore of Loch Lomond above Inverarnan, Scotl…

  • Jelly Antler Fungus

    Not the best year for mushrooms but this little bit of jelly antler fungus was poking its head through the moss out in the woods, to brighten up the place. Bridge Of Weir, Scotland.

  • Mmmmm Hmm

    I don't know what this ram was thinking but he seemed kind of happy... Perhaps reflecting on a nice patch of grass he ate recently - or maybe he's caught a whiff of a nice lady sheep's perfume. Impressive horns anyhow. On the way up to climb the Ballachul…

  • Elephant Hawk Moth

    I'm normally terrified out of my wits when one of these things is flapping around my kitchen and dive-bombing me, but never seen anything as attractive as this before. And it's actually an Elephant Hawk Moth. My brother reckons he's called Bernard, but I…

  • Weaving ivy

    Ivy leaves creeping through a wooden gate on Roseangle, a lovely cobbled street leading down to Magdalene Yards, near the Tay Rail Bridge in Dundee, Scotland. 13 July 2008.

  • Feeding time

    I'm finding motherhood stressful. Buster has been very sluggish the past 2 days but he managed a good feed last night. Hopefully he'll continue to improve. Sorted out better bedding for him and using a jam jar full of hot water as a radiator in his box. T…

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