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  • Mondriaan in Amersfoort

  • benedendieze

  • Upps ... außer Betrieb ... (c) Dan7

    … nach einem Blitzeinschlag.

  • Giftig? ... (c) Dan7

  • Robin (hood)

    Kijkt me aan met dat mooie grote oog,,,,,,,

  • Nederland - Texel, Eierland Vuurtoren

    The lighthouse on Texel - officially Eierland Vuurtoren (Lighthouse Eierland) - is named after the island of Eierland, on of the two former islands, which were merged together to present island of Texel. The lighthouse is surrounded by a vast dune area, c…

  • Speckled Wood butterfly

  • The heather on the hill

    You may notice that the seat of this old bench has been replaced with a new piece of oak. It will soon be necessary to replace the back.

  • Lac d'hourtin.

    Aujourd'hui après kayak, baignade et pique-nique. C'est dur...

  • Petite Peace rose from Oak House Seaford - 14.8.2018

  • leaf brushes greetings card base

    This was made from Photoshop 'brushes' in the form of leaf images. It is the basis for greetings cards, possibly those with messages like 'With sympathy' or 'Thinking of you', which is why the bottom right hand corner has been left fairly empty.

  • Nederland - Dwarsgracht

    The main ‘street’ (canal) in Dwarsgracht, a hamlet nearby more well known Giethoorn in the Dutch province of Overijssel. The place was founded before 1800 at the time of peat extraction in the area. Dwarsgracht is a real alternative for the famous, but…

  • Villemoirieu (38) 24 février 2015. Château de Bienassis.

  • Millstone

    Mamaroneck, NY Note: The lower disc represents a tiny millstone. Millstones do not have to represent a heavy weight or burden. They can symbolize freedom. With agriculture (that began ≈ 9600 BCE), people have been liberated from hunting. We have mor…

  • Summer Joy

    Mamaroneck, NY Note: The colors are intended to project warmth and heat fueled by the shining sun above. The vertical strips are used to create a quilt-like surrealist effect while the grated, flowing lines are meant to simultaneously represent desert…

  • All You Need is Love

    Mamaroneck, NY Note: The title comes from a discarded coffee cup whose powerful message takes the title of John Lennon’s hit song, All You Need is Love. It was performed on live television when the BBC linked five continents together for the first time…

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