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  • Winged Guests ~

    One of the guests -- Eastern Tiger SwallowTail -- Dinged and missing one of those long tails -- Capable of flying with much more missing than this -- 5 PiP .... © All Rights Reserved --EXPLORE--

  • Blue Dasher -

    Blue Dasher (m) - [ A Lifer for me ] Next door neighbor - Plants marvelous things to attract - All sorts of winged insects - This has been a bountiful year - For Clearwing Moths - A dozen at a time has been the norm - But getting a decent photo of those…

  • Incognito ..

    - posed - wouldn't give any hints as to his name - have searched and searched - not found anyone similar to him If y'all know .. let me know, too! " Simple Is Good." ~ Jim Henson © All Rights Reserved --EXPLORE…

  • The Preciousness of Life

    New Rochelle, NY Note:Featuring a statue of Buddha and a Ladybug that represents the preciousness of life, all of which is intrinsically priceless, unique and special. Because of this, the ladybug is represented in color within a heart that symbolizes t…

  • Green-Spotted Triangle Butterfly

    Butterfly Conservatory, Niagara, Ontario, Canada Note: The Green-Spotted Triangle Butterfly (Graphium agamemnon) is a common species of butterfly native to India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and much of southeast Asia as well as Australia. I uploaded this photogr…

  • Greece - Monument of Zalongo

    The Monument of Zalongo - placed in 1961 - commemorates the so called ‘Dance of Zalongo’, referring to a mass suicide of women and children in 1803 during the Souli War. Ali Pasha, an Ottoman Albanian ruler who served as pasha of Epirus and the western p…

  • ..

    " Time sneaks up on you like a windshield on a bug." - John Lithgow Taken Down The Road at NMG .. Not My Garden .. Planted and cared for by a very nice Gentleman .. © All Rights Reserved Poetography Group

  • A Slingshot !

    - by Polaris - was taking shots all around this - when the owner walked up - asked him if he minded - "no, that is fine" - he asked what I was going to do with the photos - told him I would post on Ipernity - probably on Sunday - said he will look for the…

  • Nederland - Kasteel Doorwerth

    Kasteel Doorwerth (Doorwerth Castle) is one of the oldest castles in the Netherlands with a history dating back to the 12th century. Historical documents mention the castle - probably wooden - as early as 1260. During that year it was besieged and burned…

  • België - Turnhout, kasteel

    The beautifully restored Turnhout Castle, also known as Castle of the Dukes of Brabant (Kasteel van de Hertogen van Brabant) dates back to the 12th century. Originally it was the first hunting lodge of the first Duke of Brabant. In the 16th century the ca…

  • Rotterdam from Eurotower

  • The Endroglia

    © David K. Edwards

  • Lighter than Air

    © David K. Edwards

  • Precarious

    © David K. Edwards. Sphere by Frank Gehry, in Port Olympic Village, Barcelona, Catalonia

  • cartagena colombia

  • Vanessa atalanta

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