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  • Daddys and Daughters

    A gift from a Father's Day from years gone by.

  • What is it?

    For the Saturday Self-challenge: What is it? Sorry I am so late this week. My #1 camera is in for repair and my #2 camera was missing batteries because I had not used it in a very long time. #3 camera I could not find due to our recent move. I finally fo…

  • A study in Red

    For the Saturday Self-challenge: Red

  • 20180608- 6086242

    Wine red snapdragons.

  • Pillars

    For the Saturday Self-challenge: clouds

  • When Perfect Rows Blend to Become a Sea of Death

    My American Friends recognize Memorial Day today. I made this photo in April of this year at the Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial. When one moves ones perspective slightly away from the the perfect rows we become familiar with at these memorials,…

  • Pollen Everywhere

    For the Saturday Self-challenge: Fill the entire frame with one subject

  • Mme Red-winged Blackbird

    Female Red-winged Blackbird

  • Mr. Red-wing

    Red-winged Blackbird

  • Water Reflection

    For the Saturday Self-challenge: Water Reflection A pond near our new home. It was an accidental underexposure but I like how it turned out.

  • Still Beautiful in B&W

    For the Saturday Self-challenge. B&W nature. Crocus

  • First Flower in the Garden

    We moved into a new house a couple of weeks ago and this is the first flower that appeared in our garden last week.

  • Le Mont Saint-Michel

    Le Mont Saint-Michel in the mist.

  • Copper Kitchen

    Château de Chambord

  • Château de Chambord

    Approaching Château de Chambord

  • A Child Runs

    Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial.

  • Known But to God

    Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial.

  • Monet's Garden sans Water Lilies

    Nothing fancy here, just a photo of the reflection in the pond of Monet's Garden. It is no wonder that he found such inspiration in this place.

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