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  • Triangles in a Circle

    Saturday Self-challenge: Geometric shapes. See PIP for a couple of other pictures of the car. We stayed at the Model A Inn on a recent trip to British Columbia. A Ford Model A car is in the parking lot in front of the main office. Sight and Sound: Mo…

  • Model A Wheel

  • Model A

  • Walking Together In Red

    Saturday Self-challenge: Selective colour.

  • Shell

    Macro Mondays 2.0 :Snail shells or other shells. This one was found on Juno Beach in Normandy.

  • Giga

    For the Saturday Self Challenge: Music Here is a double exposure of my wife's violin with a copy of J.S. Bach's Partita 2 in D Minor, Giga movement, written in his own hand. For Sight and Sound: www.youtube.com/watch?v=6USJKf1adM4 This is the music tha…

  • Female House Finch

  • Western Tanager

    I hope he returns so I can get a better photo of him. We just don’t see many birds with yellow in them in the city.

  • Common Merganser

  • Rust Collection

    For the Saturday Self-challenge: Rust.

  • Male House Finch

    A male house finch hops up to the local lunch counter.

  • Turkish Delight

  • Special Canadian Quarter Dollar April 1999

    Saturday Self Challenge: Old or unusual coins. I turned this silver colored coin into a coin that looks like it is copper. I used my hand in the reflection to give it its color. See PIP for the collection I found it and the original color. There was o…

  • More Propeller Fun

    On our return journey, I had a window seat, at the front of the aircraft, so I could take photos from in front of the engines. We are flying over the Canadian Rocky Mountains between Castlegar, British Columbia to Calgary, Alberta.

  • Pussy Willow at Sunset

    For the Saturday Self-challenge: Back Lighting.

  • Serrated

    Macro Mondays 2.0: Knife blade. The note is from the same set of knives.

  • Cat on Stereo

    Our cat sleeping off his vaccinations this week. No signs of autism. For the Saturday Self-challenge. Your pet or another animal in black and white.

  • Swiss Stone Pine Bark

    From less than six inches away, my macro offering for Macro Monday 2.0. You may see the tree it came off of in the PIP.

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