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  • Kokanee Salmon

    This fish is one of many that have come to the spawning grounds for the Kokanee salmon in late August. A photo of the spawning creek is in a note. The Kokanee are landlocked and do not go to sea. They live their entire life in Kootenay Lake and in the riv…

  • Spawning Ground

    Kokanee Salmon, a landlocked freshwater fish, in their spawning grounds. This one is sculpted by conservationists to protect and maximize the reproduction of the fish. Closeup of the fish is in a note.

  • Barbary Macaque on Gibraltar

  • African Print

    The Sunday Challenge: Repeating patterns I picked up this piece of cloth during a trip to Zambia in 2011. It has an in camera filter (key line) treatment to enhance certain features.

  • Gnomes in Love

    For the Sunday Challenge: Kitsch. This is about as kitschy as it gets.

  • Corvair Convertible

    Classic car enthusiasts were on this ferry crossing Kootenay Lake in British Columbia. The Corvair was one of the most dangerous cars ever produced by Detroit.

  • Corvair Convertible 2

    Classic car enthusiasts were on this ferry crossing Kootenay Lake in British Columbia. The Corvair was one of the most dangerous cars ever produced by Detroit.

  • Record Forest Fire Year

    We passed this forest fire near Moyie Lake, British Columbia, Canada. It has been a record year of forest fires and the smoke has been lingering over Alberta, where we live, all summer long. This fire spread and is now threatening populated areas.

  • Bridge

    This was a rare opportunity to shoot from the car as someone else was driving. For The Sunday Challenge: Metal I was away last week in British Columbia so I hope to catch up on the comments soon.

  • Practice safe sex

    My wife saved these two dragonflies today. They got too amorous and fell in the lake. She went in and scooped them out in her hands. This one flew off after a rest on her hand and the other was still drying out when we left.

  • Ranch Fences in Southern Alberta

  • Composition Dots

    For the Sunday Challenge: Polka Dots. Well, these are not exactly polka dots but one could compose their own polka with these dots. I was drawing a blank for polka dots this week until my wife took out this teaching aid she uses with her music students.

  • Chileans Dancing in Their New Home Edmonton

    The Chilean stage at the annual Heritage Festival at Hawrelak Park in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. You can also peek past the stage to see a small portion of the thousands of people who were there for the festival. Of special note is the princess in the low…

  • Syrians Delight the Crowd

    It was the first year for the Syrians as they were represented at their own pavillion at Edmonton's Heritage Festival. They delighted the crowd with this round dance. Edmonton has settled many Syrian refugees in the past year.

  • Safeway Wall

    For the Sunday Challenge: Wall For all Safeway grocery stores of a certain vintage, the 1960's, the outside walls had these characteristic stone sections.

  • Dancing and Balancing

    A dancer with the Azerbaijan Cultural Society of Edmonton provides full expression of her craft at Edmonton's Heritage Festival, 2017.

  • From Syria

    This set was on display at the Syrian Pavilion at Edmonton's Heritage Festival this long weekend. It was the first year for Syria to host a pavilion at the Festival that takes over our largest city park for three days in August. Displays, food, and dance…

  • Edmonton River Valley

    For the Sunday Challenge: Landscape This is a part of the beautiful North Saskatchewan River valley in my city, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The glass pyramids are part of the Muttart Conservatory. "Inside the pyramids, three biomes are in the Conservatory…

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