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Charged and Ready for Service

10 Apr 2021 12 7 29
Saturday Self-challenge: Electricity Here are two powerful batteries ready to power a snow thrower, a lawn mower, and a leaf blower (that I also use for snow). They are fully charged and ready to work.

The Things We Never Clean

03 Apr 2021 12 11 38
Macro Mondays: Remote Control This is still used from time to time but in between tasks it collects a lot of dust and God knows what.

The Scars of Good Service

03 Apr 2021 12 7 33
Saturday Self-challenge. Glass in Black and White. These glasses are not dirty, they are showing the wear that comes from good service and hardy construction. They are very solid and not likely to break easily.


29 Mar 2021 16 13 52
Macro Monday: Spices

On Guard

22 Mar 2021 16 9 46
These Phillips drill bits are ready for action as their taller compatriots stand guard behind them. Macro Mondays: tools

Waste Collectors Left Me Behind

18 Mar 2021 13 16 48
It is a sad day, when even the waster collectors have no interest in you. For the Saturday Self-challenge: Lamps

That Time of Year

18 Mar 2021 4 2 23
The last known address of someone who did not want the government impeding on his rights.

Manhole Cover 03

15 Mar 2021 12 6 44
Macro Monday: Manhole Cover There is a lot of traction sand in the crevices of this manhole cover. The ice and snow has just left this cover which is close to our house. Full and alternate view in the note.

Manhole Cover 02

15 Mar 2021 2 16

Manhole Cover 01

15 Mar 2021 3 19
Manhole cover by my home. The City of Edmonton is the spelling on the cover. You can see the sand and grit from our snowy, sanded roads, and just a bit of ice and snow. We had a big melt this past week but we still have a lot of snow.

Strawberries on Spinach Salad

03 Mar 2021 12 15 63
Saturday Self-challenge: Bold, bright colours filling the frame. A Strawberries and Spinach salad with an orange-vanilla white balsamic vinegar.

Cabinet Pull

01 Mar 2021 12 7 47
Macro Mondays: Handle, knob. I counted 37 of these on all of our cabinets and drawers in the kitchen and bathrooms. They are all identical.

You're Welcome

26 Feb 2021 15 16 65
Saturday Self-challenge: Take a picture that shows (symbolic or realistic) our actual situation with the COVID19 pandemic. For the past year, we have been obtaining our groceries, as well as other items via contactless curbside pickup. I thought it would be nice to place a thank you note in the trunk/boot. Recently, a young woman who brought out our order from the home improvement store took the time to write, "You're welcome." and added a smiley face. I think it is these little gestures of kindness that are getting us through these times.

I Work for Peanuts

22 Feb 2021 16 9 52
Macro Mondays: Nuts in square format.

Spring is Coming

20 Feb 2021 17 12 53
Saturday Self-challenge: Helix

Sticky Window

15 Feb 2021 10 6 46
Macro Mondays: Something sticky. The birds leave these bits of birdseed on the window when they feed on the flat feeder suctioned to our window. It sticks on and is difficult to wash off. Since the weather has been over -40 overnight these past couple of weeks, it will not be cleaned off anytime soon. My macro lens is pressed against the window and is only the width of the window away from this stuck on residue of birdseed.

Magnetic Light

13 Feb 2021 13 9 68
Saturday Self-challenge: Something magnetic. The subject for this challenge is my Litra light suspended by its magnetic base on the side of my computer tower. I have a red filter affixed to create the effect. Dust is also magnetic so I thought, why not add some dust to the image?

Magpie with a Peanut

09 Feb 2021 26 14 75
The temperatures have been frightfully cold this week, -40. Our backyard birds need all the help and calories as they can get. Here is a magpie with a peanut I put out for him.

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