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Flying J's house / Maison au J volant

Flying J's house / Maison au J volant
Cokeville, Wyoming, États-Unis (USA).

En souvenir de la célèbre prise d'otages du 16 mai 1986 dans une école primaire.
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 Roger (Grisly)
Roger (Grisly) club
I remember a hostage situation at Cokeville in the 1980s
4 months ago.
Léopold club
has replied to Roger (Grisly) club
Thanks for the scoop Roger. I copied this following french summary on Wikipedia.

Cokeville Elementary School hostage crisis

16 mai 1986
Traduit de l'anglais-La crise des otages de l'école primaire de Cokeville s'est produite le vendredi 16 mai 1986 à Cokeville, dans le Wyoming, aux États-Unis, lorsque l'ancien maréchal David Young, 43 ans, et son épouse Doris Young, 47 ans, ont pris 96 enfants et 18 adultes en otages à l'école primaire de Cokeville

The english version:

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Cokeville Elementary School hostage crisis
Location Cokeville, Wyoming, United States
Date May 16, 1986; 35 years ago
Attack type School bombing, hostage situation, suicide attack
Deaths 2 (both perpetrators)
Injured 79
Perpetrators David Young and Doris Young
The Cokeville Elementary School hostage crisis occurred on Friday, May 16, 1986, in Cokeville, Wyoming, United States, when former town marshal David Young, 43, and his wife Doris Young, 47,[1] took 96 children and 18 adults hostage at Cokeville Elementary School.

David Young entered the school with his wife transporting a large gasoline-filled device that appeared to be a bomb. The couple corralled a large group of students and teachers into a single classroom. David attached the bomb trigger to his wrist and threatened the group that he might, at any time, move his arm and ignite the bomb.

After a two-and-a-half hour standoff, the children were becoming restless, so the teachers preoccupied the kids in the form of movies, games, prayer, and books. David became increasingly agitated, and decided to leave the room.[2] Before leaving the room, David attached the bomb's detonation device to his wife's wrist.

When the children became increasingly loud, Doris Young began begging the teachers to settle the group down. At one point she lifted her arm sharply and the bomb went off prematurely, injuring Doris while David was out of the room. Returning to the scene, David shot his wife, then himself. All the hostages escaped, though 79 were later hospitalized with burns and injuries, the majority of which were severe
4 months ago.
 Nora Caracci
Nora Caracci club
jolie maison, ma préférée prise de la série
4 months ago.
Léopold club
has replied to Nora Caracci club
Grazie Nora xx
4 months ago.

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