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  • RETRATO DE FAMÍLIA (Family Portrait)- Köln


  • TRANSEUNTES ( Passersby)

    Photo by P.R.Baptista


    Photo by SIEGFRIED VOGEL published in REVIEWED PHOTOGRAPHY (April 2011)

  • After School

    Colliers Wood - London

  • La Danse (Stephane Troiscarres)

    "Derrière il y a une peinture de 1989... sur le romantisme allemand et l'ironie ! devant dansent des créatures nées en 2006... mais tout le monde est vivant, ce n'est pas un musée, c'est l'exposition d'un artiste qui travaille encore et on voit 27 années…

  • Exposição de Sebastião Salgado em Porto Alegre

    wp.clicrbs.com.br/redesocial/2014/03/13/ sebastiao-salgado-apresenta-a-exposicao- genesis-em-porto-alegre/?topo=13,1,1,,,1 3

  • "Metro de Sydney "- Dennis Lam

    ... interesting contraposition of planes as if there were many actions going on simultaneously... ... the way to achieve this is a kind of "découpage" of the image. On the air an overall feeling of uneasy... almost of a certain suspense... very well achie…

  • Inviting Place ...(?) - Armin Fuchs

    ... there is something in the air... something heavy, almost funeral ... who could gather in this place?... I feel anxious only to think... and certainly it is not , as depicted by you, a very inviting place...very well captured as usually you have an acu…

  • "O Telefone"


    Bachiana Brasileira nº 5 , Cantilena Intérprete Bidu Sayão

  • "Embrace" - Aref Nammari

    Jonathan : " beautiful Aref, there is a tension in the photo,a stored energy in the twisting leaf, and flow of lines from top to bottom, excellent ". P.R.Baptista : " evocative of a torso sculpture with a touch of classic art ..." REVIEWED PHOTOGRA…

  • "Move" - Siegfried Vogel

    ...some of his photos are a constant defy to interpretation first because interpreting photography can be an almost impossible task ( some I am sure must think a waste of time) but, in this case, mostly because they send us to a different realm of percept…

  • "No Casarão"

    Mostra fotográfica "Contraluzes"

  • "Contraluzes"

    Mostra fotográfica sobre o grupo de teatro "Vinte prás Oito lá no Mauá"

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