Henry Coe El Nino Wildflowers Backpack

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  • HCOE 01

    I normally don't post backpacking pictures from H. Coe (this was my 7th trek here) but the uniqueness of the lush El Nino environment had me taking lots of pictures that drastically differed from the usual dry golden hills.

  • HCOE 02

    I had to take off my shoes to cross this stream five times in one half mile starting out from Hunting Hollow staging area.

  • HCOE 03

    Poppies popping everywhere.

  • HCOE 04

  • HCOE 05

    Many other nice flowers which I can't name.

  • HCOE 06

  • HCOE 07

  • HCOE 08

    Went up the ridge towards Wilson Camp. A roller coaster of lush green and more poppies.

  • HCOE 09

  • HCOE 10

    Ruins at Wilson Camp.

  • HCOE 11

  • HCOE 12

  • HCOE 13

    Love the outdoor porch sink and medicine cabinet. Homestead or hunting cabin? Not sure.

  • HCOE 14

    Some antique looking barb wire specimen.

  • HCOE 15

    Didn't camp here, wanted to go deeper and higher.

  • HCOE 16

    More wet streams, more flowers...

  • HCOE 17

  • HCOE 18

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