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09 Oct 2020 6
A bathroom scale, that's different.


09 Oct 2020 6
First thing to see it the can dump, naturally.


09 Oct 2020 5
A two mile walk through heat and sand to see a shack, that's what I'm all about.


09 Oct 2020 5
I see a shack way in the distance and keep going.


09 Oct 2020 5
Old mining road cut in the hill.


09 Oct 2020 5
The random mining junk will be here a long time, however.


09 Oct 2020 5
I learned later it is called Water Canyon, and so it makes sense this unique large wash canyon is a preserve, better off without ATVs tearing it up.


09 Oct 2020 6
A fair amount of footprints on the way. I guess I'm not the only one curious enough to do this.




09 Oct 2020 2
More serious attempts at keeping ATVs out of this preserve.

Jefferson 191

09 Oct 2020 3
Still tons of fire smoke. Inyokern is nearly invisible down there.

Jefferson 190

Jefferson 189

09 Oct 2020 3
Back to Short Canyon, in the south end of the Sierras (due west of Inyokern, CA) I find a little mining perch to camp on.

Jefferson 188

09 Oct 2020 3
A natural arch.

Jefferson 187

09 Oct 2020 3
Lots of chukars in the wash, hard to get near without spooking.

Jefferson 186

09 Oct 2020 3
Looking down to the mouth of Water Canyon, Panamint Valley beyond. This was a fun little find. Worth the walk.

Jefferson 185

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